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START with Color!

For Less Stress AND More Outfits

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

The calendar says summer won’t be here for a few more weeks, but for us in the US, last weekend’s Memorial Day holiday was the official start of the summer season.

Take a quick look ’round!

The magazines are ALL about cooking out and summer meals.

The stores are pushing ALL things Red, White & Blue and beach.

Everyone is ready for a little ease.

And less scheduled time.

So in the name of trying to make any potential summer trip you take easier and more low stress, I thought I’d share with you my Number 1 Tip for Choosing What to Pack.

It works for almost everyone! (Yes, even your spouse and children or grandchildren.)

Do NOT lay out an outfit for each day and throw in some extra pieces for options.

Start with color!

Okay, maybe not!

Start with color AFTER you’ve checked the weather and your itinerary!

Then start with color.

BEST Color Tip for Packing

BEST Packing Tip Ever? Base your packing on Two Neutrals and One Accent Color. If you need more color, add a second accent color with accessories!

Liz Klebba–Closet Play Image

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What’s a neutral? A color? Read more about that here.

What about denim? Isn’t that a color? Not really! We don’t “see” denim the same way so it’s really a great neutral. Especially for travel!

Why might you need a second Accent Color? Maybe you love color! Maybe you have a colorful personality. OR maybe your personal coloring looks best in multiple colors! Don’t know how many colors to wear to make the most of your coloring? Read this!

In Action

A few years ago I posted some Short Trip Travel Packs for inspiration. Let’s see how they work within the 2 Neutrals + 1 Accent framework!

Below, you can see her neutrals: Navy and White, the accent: Teal/Aqua. (They are different shades of the same color!)

Next up? Clearly NOT a trip to the beach, but the same idea in play! Neutrals: Denim/Blue and Tan/Khaki, Accent: Coral

Here’s those same two neutrals with a second Accent Color! (And a totally different vibe!) This would be a great pack for a warm complexioned lovely on a beach jaunt. Remember the sunscreen!

For a cooler complexion, let’s look at Denim and Grey for Neutrals with Blush/Red Accents. You could call this two accent colors, however, I think of them as one. (Pink is a tint of red!)

What Wardrobe Extenders this woman is talking about? Here you go! Here are my MUST-Pack items.

What About?

What about NOT the beach? And a warm complexion? Here you go! This time we played with two colored neutrals, Olive & Burgundy/Wine and added coral and peach.

What about a different season? This tip works for every season. And for city lovers, too! You can see more Short Trip Packs using the same Color Tip, here!

You don’t have to be a lover of the outdoors to make this tip work! But if you are, even a Camping Travel Pack can be stylish. No camo here!

If watching me talk this through is easier for you?

How About You?

Do you have travel plans for summer? Is choosing what to pack stressful? Do you overpack? Underpack? Do tell! I love to hear from you… There’s plenty of room on the interwebs for your thoughts!

Stylishly Yours,


  • Jules

    Love your options. You always have pieces with interesting details rather than a plain crew neck tee etc that so many capsule wardrobes feature. I lean towards elevated basics. Leaving on European cruise next week with gray, black, white, and navy neutrals—blue, black and white tops and dresses, and one coral blouse with blue embroidery. Thanks for your inspiring posts.

    • Liz K

      Glad to be inspiring, Jules! That’s what we in the Image Consulting business hope for. A European cruise sounds lovely! Enjoy! (And let me know how your wardrobe worked out!)

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