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Because… Family Things

Hello, Reader Dearest!

I know I usually start with Happy day, but there haven’t been many of those since Christmas. Our household has been struggling with various illnesses and Mama has been hospitalized. It looks like she’s finally turning the corner, for which I am thankful. I have chosen to spend my time with her rather than here writing for you.

I certainly don’t wish to neglect you; it’s simply that writing posts and creating visuals for them takes hours of time that I do not have right now. Know that as Mama naps, I am making notes and gathering ideas for future posts and videos. If you can’t wait for more content, pop on over (and subscribe) to my YouTube channel. Thank you! XO For now, I’m sneaking the time for quick videos, and hope to keep doing so.

OR please feel free to frolic in the archives; you’ll find hundreds of articles there.

If you want to be notified when I resume regular blogging, please make sure to subscribe to the blog; that way any posts will wing their way directly to your mailbox! (You can do that on the homepage.)

On that note, I hope to be back with you again soon!

Stylishly yours,


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