Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen?

Style Myth Busted

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I need some help! I’m in a quandry. I have a few projects that need extra time through the end of the year, and I am in desperate need of a blogging break for the rest of the month. I usually take August, and didn’t do so this year. Lesson learned. I will still be posting on Fridays, and if you need a fix the other days of the week, just hit the random post icon on the toolbar at the top and see where it takes you! (It’s the icon on the far left that looks like a little box with arrows at the corners) I hope my neglect won’t break your heart! If you will be broken hearted, or if you will be just fine, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

When our boys were young, we loved watching episodes of Mythbusters with them. The utter silliness. The explosions. The sheer magnitude of science put to the use of entertaining education. I get to be a mythbuster of a different sort all the time! Since there are so many style myths out there, I thought it time to do a little series busting style myths. Hmmmm. (I have some of those already… They may need updating!)

Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen (together) is not a style myth I grew up with, but apparently, it’s a common one in some places. So let’s get busting!

Blue and green are next to each other on the color wheel; they are besties! Of course you can wear them together. Think: Sky and trees. Lake and bushes. We see blue and green together all the time in nature! Wearing blue green and blue-green together creates an analogous color combination. Peaceful. Cool. Refreshing. What’s not to love about that?

Image by NickyPe from Pixabay

If nature isn’t enough proof for you, how about tartans? There are pages and pages of blue and green tartans at the Scottish Register of Tartans. It’s a fun little rabbit hole! Enjoy the tumble… There’s also the ubiquitous school uniform and flannel shirt tartan! (I know most people call them plaids, but a plaid is actually a garment, a tartan is the pattern we associate with them.)

School children all over the world wear this pattern!

So how about you? Was Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen part of your style mythology or fashion rules when you were growing up? If so, does pairing blue and green bother you? What colors do you love together? Or what colors can’t you bear the thought of pairing? Do tell! I will be following up with comments, even if I am not posting for the month… And do promise me I’ll see you again in November!

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    I just found you but I will read your old post until your back. I’ve always worn navy and kelly green together. I love chatruse and eggplant together. Hot pink anf bright orange is another favorite. Puis, we must have pink and green! Just live these color combo’s and more!

    • Liz K

      So glad you found me, Natalie! Chartreuse and eggplant are fabulous, and I LOVE pink and orange as well as pink and red. Navy and kelly green and pink and green remind me of the 1980’s when it was all about the preppy look! Those combos are still very popular in my corner of the world. Thank you for visiting!

  • Susan

    Oh, I have to disagree! Blue and green is my favorite color combination!! At Christmas, my father decorated the trim of our home with blue and green lights — the large bulbs from the 60’s and 70’s. It was beautiful! Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

    • Liz K

      That sounds lovely! I have a box full of those big bulb lights up in our attic… But we don’t use them since the get so hot. We don’t want our grandchildren to burn themselves. Maybe someday we will break them out again!

  • Sheridan MCCARTHY

    that was the colour theme of my wedding 24 years ago my brides maid’s had aqua blue skirt and vest and the bastman and groom’s men had black viest with green Paisley pattern the groom had a whte vest with paisley paten and stage as it seames the material I choose for the Girls skirts and vest also was Paisley and a light blue for the flower girl.

    • Liz K

      I forgot all about pink and red! That’s one I LOVE and wear ALL the time. Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for stopping by, Nancy! XO

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