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Break Up Your Suit!

NOT With Your Suit…

Happy day, reader dear!

How often do you wear a suit? My guess is not very. Most of us don’t anymore unless we work in law or finance. Many of us have one hanging in our closets though, unloved and unworn. I hate waste, so let’s talk about how to get some use out of that suit! No, I’m not suggesting you wear a suit to the grocery store, or even to work if your workplace is casual. What I want is for you to break up your suit. Not with, up!

My guess is that if you have a suit, it is hiding in your closet, both (or all three) pieces having a little suit party all by themselves. Imagine them lonely and hanging out like middle-schoolers that no one has asked to come out and play. That’s right. Your suit separates will play happily with your other clothes if you break up that nervous little clique.

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A suit is simply separates of the same fabric designed to be worn together. Just because something is designed one way doesn’t mean it can’t be used another. I would guess that you have used a newspaper or magazine to kill a mosquito instead of grabbing a flyswatter. Same thing, different application!

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Since it works with the camel jacket and trousers, now let’s make it work (or should I say play) with the navy!

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Lest you think I forgot about the navy trousers, I didn’t! They were the easiest. We don’t think twice about wearing trousers with different tops. Why then should the dress or jacket be any different?

Here’s my challenge to you: If you own a suit that is hanging all together, break it up! Hang the jacket with your other jackets, trousers with trousers, skirts with skirts, and dresses with dresses. Stop thinking of them as a suit, and start thinking of them as Building Basics to be mixed and matched with all the rest of your clothes. Spend about half an hour this evening or this coming weekend working with them to maximize their value to you. Make them earn that expensive closet real estate! If you are feeling extra brave, wear one tomorrow!

How about you? Do you have a suit? Does it live segregated from your other clothes, or play well with others? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Ruth Baxter

    Hi Liz – I live in suits for work (high end retail) and they NEVER get mixed with the rest of my wardrobe – but that’s mainly because the strict black and white of the dress code is the absolute antithesis of the colours that I enjoy (and suit me) and therefore there’s nothing I want to wear outside the office!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for the visit, Ruth! I get that! When your suit is a very limited work uniform like that, there’s no reason to mix it in. Especially if you don’t like the color option! So many men and women don’t wear theirs for work, and they languish, taking up valuable closet real estate! Do you get to spice up your black and white with a scarf at least?

        • closetplayadmin

          I am so sorry! There is always the luxury of lovely undergarments… No one but you will know what you have on underneath!

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