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Personal Branding

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Personal Branding is about creating an authentic and customized personal image using color theory, style, and psychology. A strong personal brand ensures recognition 24/7/365. You are your business’ first and best ambassador. You never know when you will have the chance to tell someone what you do, or when someone will say, “Hey, aren’t you…” That’s opportunity!

Are you feeling invisible? Struggling to stand out from the crowd? Are you rebranding or just starting your business? Let’s talk!

As an entrepreneur, or anyone who needs to be recognized, you don’t need a uniform, you need a solid personal brand. You are the person behind your brand, and you need to shine!

We build your personal brand around YOU. Once you have your colors and personal brand image, you have a solid base on which other branding and marketing specialists can build (or rebuild) your logo, messaging, and marketing strategies.

Not an entrepreneur? We can also help you integrate your personal style and your workplace requirements to create a personal brand that is appropriate and authentic.

WOW! I have so many positives that I can share about the fantastic talent that Liz brings to the table, or I should say to the closet! As a marketing consultant, I work with my clients to develop their “brand.” From designing their logo, website, social media to their personal brand image. So one of the things I love to work with is outstanding branding photos.

So in most cases, that means putting together a branding photoshoot. In the past, I would go over some suggestions for my clients on what to wear, only to have them show up with an outfit choice that I knew would never work. So, yes, I learn my lesson the hard way.

IN COMES LIZ! I have known her for many years, and I love her personal brand. So she and I put our heads together on how her services could enhance my client’s experience and OUTCOME! So I knew with my last branding photoshoot, I wanted the Liz factor! So I hired Closet Play Image to provide my client with a wardrobe branding consultation based on the direction we were taking her brand and the color pallets we would be using on all of her digital graphics.

BAM!!! Not only did my client LOVE the extra benefit, but she also shared that it saved her money because she would have gone shopping and bought a bunch of “stuff.” Instead, Liz worked with her “virtually” to pull from her closet and then gave her a shopping list for the few things she needed to add to bring the looks together. She then provided me with a complete outfit change order so that we could flow right thru the photoshoot. Finally, Liz worked the photoshoot (bonus) and made sure that “our” client looked and, more importantly, felt beautiful, like a rock star!

Liz was a professional whose services made me look good as a professional. I think that is a win-win in the strategic alliance column. BUT THE BIGGEST WOW… WAS THE DIFFERENCE IT MADE WITH THE PHOTOS. WHEN EDITING THE PHOTOS, I HAD SO MANY GREAT ONES TO CHOOSE FROM THAT I WAS SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR. THE BRAND WAS SHOWING UP, BUT THE CLIENT’S AUTHENTIC SELF WAS SHINING THROUGH!. That is the magic of Liz.

So if you provide branding photos for your clients, I highly recommend YOU HIRE LIZ so that she can elevate your client’s experience.

Liz, you Nspired me!

Amy D. Kilpatrick: Nspired Business Solutions

Photoshoot Styling

I love when all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. We had a blast yesterday with Kimberly Gordon during her branding shoot. Of course, it helps when you can bring in a style expert like Liz Klebba with Closet Play Image. Kim was treated to a personal style session with Liz. Prior to that session, Liz and I had a brief conversation about the branding colors and vision I have been developing. She took that data, combined it with Kim’s personality, and helped Kim create a wardrobe that was PERFECT.

Amy. D Kilpatrick: Design Worx, Nspired Business Solutions

Image and Wardrobe Workshops

Image and wardrobe workshops are a great way to introduce new employees to your company and make your expectations for them clear; this relieves stress and minimized one human resource issue. Your workshop is targeted to your company’s specific needs. These workshops can open a Dress Code Brainstorming session, or follow a Dress Code Consultation to smooth the implementation process. Image and Wardrobe Workshops are also an excellent support for employees transitioning into new positions of authority, showing them not only that you want them to succeed, but giving them the tools to do so.

Commonly requested workshops are:

Business Dress and Wardrobing

Color Psychology: Using Color to Your Advantage in the Workplace

Dress and Communication (Culture and the Language of Clothing)

We recently worked with Liz and cannot say enough about her! Not only is she style savvy, but she looks forward to sharing what she knows to help others achieve the best in themselves.

Ann Campbell-Kelly: Walton Options for Independent Living

Uniform Consulting

Uniforms can create a feeling of teamwork, and professionalism, or be a human resources nightmare. Functionality, fit, color psychology and complexion flattery are key to the uniform selection process. I help your business determine and select a uniform that reflects the image you would like your company to project and is appropriate for the job (or jobs). Colors have powerful emotional associations, both for those wearing the uniform, and your clients when interacting with your employees. This is a decision worth spending time and money to get right the first time!

Other Business Services

Retail Training/Color and Style: Increase sales and increase customer returns. Learning the basics of style and color harmony equips your staff to better serve your clients! Happy clients means repeat sales.

TV/Video Color and Dress Consulting: Showing up on video means you want to look your best! Let us help you choose colors and outfits to help you shine and make a lasting impression, one that you won’t be wishing you could erase…

Personality Image Consulting: A variation of personal branding, Personality Image Consulting allows a public personality to create a style persona for his or her public character. For example, a radio personality needs a public persona and brand for events that aligns with his or her broadcast personality and the station’s image.

Business Service Fees

Business Services are billed by the package. For more information, please email, or contact me through the Facebook or Instagram icons at the top of the page.