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Long, long ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, and I was a young college student, I did a stint at our dorm area radio station as a weekend morning DJ with a four hour show. No one wanted the Sunday morning 8-12 slot. Everyone was asleep, and being there at 8 on a Sunday morning cut into Saturday night’s party time. I took it. How hard could it be? I found out.  Some of those mornings were painful, but I enjoyed being there in the quiet of the studio, doing my own thing, and sharing music I loved with the three listeners out there. That was all a hazy golden memory until…

Fast forward to last Thursday. I was invited to appear on the Buzz on Biz radio show with John Patrick, which airs on WRDW, AM 1630. The scheduler seemed surprised that I preferred to go to the station for the show rather than call in my interview by phone, but I couldn’t resist the chance to see a radio studio again, and besides, the sound quality would be better. What a pleasure the interview was!  John Patrick is a fabulous host; he puts you right at ease, and makes what could be intimidating feel like a cocktail party chat. We talked mostly about the Personal Services side of my business, and had a few laughs along the way. To hear the podcast, please click HERE.

The time flew right by, and there was so much more we could have talked about! If you have questions that he did not ask, please feel free to ask them in the comments below! What would you like to know?


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