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Think bundles… Beauty Bundles, that is!

Happy day, dear reader!

And thank you for visiting Closetplay.Biz! If you are new here, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome Back! It’s lovely to see you again! (No worries. I’m not looking through your webcam.) Either way, I hope you stay for the ride. Today, we have another “packing” video for you! You’ll understand the “quotes” later…

Last week, I talked you through the virtual pack I did for our Capri Staycation. (I’m still on it!) If you missed it, here’s the Virtual Pack. If this all sounds confusing, please read this explanation of our Capri Staycation. If I come across as a little unbalanced, that’s okay. I think there’s space and grace for that. Especially this year! (Although I’m like this most years…)

If you’re wondering what the heck a Beauty Bundle (From the title.) is… Here’s a little post about BB’s, the fabulous Brenda Kinsel who coined the term, and why they are such a fabulous style tool! (And simplifier!)

As with my clothes, the goal is to keep next week extra simple! Like when you’re on vacation, and the toughest choice is what toppings you want on your pizza. Or salt or no salt on the rim of your glass! So I am clearing the decks on my accessories options for the week. I’m not going minimal by any stretch of the imagination, but I want to put away (put up in Southern) anything that doesn’t work with the aesthetic I’m going for, and keep at hand selected pieces that do. What’s the vibe? Casual Luxe. It will just be easier if you watch…

Thank you for watching! I hope you’re kind enough to grant me the grace to let my imagination run wild. Within limits, of course!

So how about you? Do you wear jewelry? What’s your preferred metal? Does this sound absolutely batty to you? It’s okay. I can handle the truth. Especially since I won’t know until we return from our “trip!” By then, I may think this whole idea was completely off the deep end. You’re sure to hear all about it! Do tell what you are up to this summer! There’s plenty of room in the comments below…

Con stile e amore,

PS: Now I’m thinking I’ll need to do the same with my toiletries and make-up! JOY!


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