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Capri Staycation Capsule

Happy day, reader dear!

I hope your day is wonderful! Or at least running smoothly? I’m on staycation right now and DVWP (God-willing, Weather Permitting), enjoying our Capri themed time to relax and regroup. I had three trips cancel since the beginning of Covid, and since they were gone, I forgot to take time off to rest and recharge. So that’s the plan for this week. If you missed the post about our virtual vaycay, you can find out more about it right here!

Because I have a very vivid imagination (AND love to pack), I decided to “pack” for our trip. Not in a suitcase, but I am pulling the things I want to wear for our staycay, and wearing just those for our “trip.” I’ll leave everything else in the closet and keep the door closed. Why? Less decisions to make. To get into the feeling. To create a space for make-believe. It’s like the dress-up corner with the costumes in Kindergarten. magic happens there! So, how do I do that? Watch and see!

Thanks for watching. Yes, I am a little unbalanced, but in a completely good way! If you missed it in the ramble, this was a 4/3/2/1 pack, which breaks out to 4 Tops, 3 Bottoms, 2 Toppers, 1 Dress. (Feel free to swap the 2 and the 1 if that feels better to you!) Carefully chosen, those 10 pieces should give you at least 39 Outfits. Even more if you get creative with the layers… If you’d like to understand how that math works, this Summer Wardrobe Capsule Math post is for you. (Because someone else out there has to be a logistics geek like I am. Right?)

Note: If ARE taking a trip and need more travel capsule packing ideas, here’s a link to my Travel Category!

So how about you? Can you imagine 10 Pieces for a week or two of travel? Yes, laundry is permitted! How do you like to pack? By the numbers? Coordinates? Or outfits? Packing the kitchen sink? Or minimal? Do share! I love to hear from you and there’s plenty of room in the comments… (I will reply, but it won’t be until I come back from staycation!) XOXO

Con stile e amore,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, to be able to take a trip. Even if we just went downtown and stayed in a local hotel. But right now it wouldn’t be much fun. Going to pin this for future reference. Surely we will be able to get out before long.

    You are so natural on video. I feel like you are standing here in my house and just helping me gather things for a trip. That polka dot top is adorable. Love how you create your own denim shorts. I have some too big jeans in the trunk of my car waiting for the consignment shop to open. If it doesn’t open soon, I am going to take the scissors to those babies.

    • Liz K

      I know! A real trip would be absolutely lovely! But I’m not expecting one for a very long while. I do have a work trip scheduled for the end of August, but a run away with beloved would be such a treat… I’m glad to hear I come across as “natural”. I feel positively a fool recording myself, but it’s getting a bit easier. And I’d love to help you gather things for a trip! Just let me know when you finally do plan one! XO

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