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Happy day, reader dear!

The question of the year for 2020 is: How are you doing? Really doing. I do want to know. Because, wow.

2020 has certainly been stressful. 2020 has definitely been challenging. 2020 has been educational. 2020 has thrown a wrench (or spanner) into the works of everyone I know. Including those planning a summer vacation. Yours truly included. Fortunately, I have a vivid imagination. Very vivid. It’s tied to my Recombination and Reinvention superpowers…

Imagination can be fun. And a little scary. But I’ll take imagination any day! That imagination made costuming little people for The Wizard of Oz on a shoestring possible. It made for more than one VBS and many adventures. It made (homeschool and classroom) teaching WAY more fun that it should have been… (Shhh. Don’t tell anyone!) And it will make this summer’s staycation here at home into a virtual trip to Capri. Let’s call it our Capri Staycation! (Yes, that link is to a Pinterest board… Because I need both imagination AND inspiration to make Augusta. Georgia into Capri!) And Pinterest is a good place to keep inspiration.

Why Capri? It’s a color thing! If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have seen my Pinterest Summer 2020 Inspo board, and this tile motif/phone case. Well, it’s been stuck in (Preying upon?) my brain for the past few weeks. Actually, ever since I started thinking about my Summer 2020 Capsule! I love these colors together with the gold trim. Blues with gold remind me of the Mediterranean, and I’ve always wanted to visit Capri! (I even pulled together a Capri themed Beauty Bundle a few years ago. What a pity that many of those pieces no longer live in my wardrobe!) Since actual travel is off the itinerary, next week I’m channeling a week long vacation in Capri. No passport required! And no jet lag! Any external links I have added are only for your convenience. I receive nothing in return.


Yes, I am going to pack for our trip. Not in a suitcase, but I’ll be pulling together a little travel capsule (Probably a 4/3/2/1.) and wearing those pieces for our extended stay in Capri! Expect a lot of white, blue and turquoise, and gold jewelry instead of my typical silver. (Like this one only different!) Gold is not my best, but it has the vibe I’m looking for. Casual luxe. Italy just shouts GOLD! I’m thinking silk headscarf and straw basket bag. Straw hat and gold sandals.


I want to eat fresh and seasonal. AND coastal Italian! A trip to the farmer’s market Saturday morning should start us off on the right foot! I’m thinking light breakfasts of yoghurt and fruit, or bread, cheese, and cured meats. Al fresco dining. I expect seafood will feature heavily, some pasta, pizza, calamari would rock my world, amazing coffee afterwards, lemon desserts, some prosecco, and fizzy water. An antipasto platter on a hot day. Bruschetta. Did I mention blue and white table linens and a bowl full of lemons in the middle of the table? If I can find lemon yellow bandannas to use as napkins, that will make my whole week! (Simple minds, simple pleasures.) Pitchers with greenery, leaves, herbs, and a flower or two. And I found a chocolate cake recipe! Flourless! WOO HOO! Torta Caprese… Mmmmmmmmm.

Music & Video

An Italian themed movie or two? Bring it on, Netflix and Amazon Prime! NOT The Godfather, I’m feeling more light or arty. I could do Roman Holiday again! So far I’ve found two documentaries: Coffee for All and Food on the Go (both on Netflix). I’m pretty sure there has to be a Rick Steves episode about the Amalfi coast! Pandora and Spotify can bring Italian music to my ears while we make dinner and dine. For extra culture, I dug out my old Simon Schama The Power of Art series; I think Caravaggio and Bernini are in order!


Lots of walking and water. No, it won’t be clear blue water, but we can make it work! Even without the grotto. Here in Augusta, water means the canal, the river, or a drive to the lake. Packing a picnic lunch to take with us… Perfect! We can’t go far; Mr. CP has a restricted travel radius due to work, so a short day trip or two might be just the thing. A trip to the lake for a bike ride and then a dip to cool off? Yes, please. If I can find a museum or art gallery with an exhibit of Italian art, that would make a perfect outing! And gelato. There’s got to be somewhere selling gelato! Or Italian ice!

Home Front

I’m going to do my best to clear the bedroom of all the stuff that builds up. (Now if I could just find that housekeeper…) Our bathroom is already spare and hotel-y, so that won’t need much help! I will be putting away my toiletries and makeup and going with the bare minimum. It’s time to put out the cushions for the patio furniture, grab another citronella candle, and turn on the twinkly lights. Baby pool (My own personal grotto?) and some early morning sunbathing… If I can find a bottle of Limoncello count me in! I’ll give our home a good airing, and store away some extra throw pillows. Laundry will still need doing, so hanging it out in the sun to dry will make me happy! Heck, I’ll throw The Power of Art on the coffee table… And my computer will be turned off for the week! That will be a vacation.

The tall table by the window is the perfect place for breakfast!

What Else?

Duolingo for some Italian vocabulary! I’ve already loaded it. I’ll need to reread Dispute over a Very Italian Piglet. Maybe I can find an Agatha Christie set in Italy? I’m already racking up Italian lifestyle reading for my Kindle… And An Ocean, an Airplane, and Two Countries Full of Kisses by Maria Novajosky! You can find out more about Maria, and read more of her beautiful writing on her website… Please visit. I think you’ll like her!

What am I missing, friends? Please let me know. I’ll take all the help I can get! Have you been to Capri! What did you love? What could you leave? Are you vacationing or staycationing this year? Do you have a theme? Or are you keeping it as low-key as you can? And how ARE you doing? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

PS: I’ll see you again July 9th. Until then: Arrivederci!

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