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Capri Staycay: Decor, Food & Fun!

Warning: Photo Heavy Post. May take forever to load…

Happy day, reader dear!

Well, I’m back from our lovely “trip to Capri.” I know it sounds crazy, but I thoroughly enjoyed our staycation in Capri! It was wonderful to have some time off with a focus on play and relaxation.

Have you ever taken time off, just to be glad to get back to work, because your home (and life) was busy letting you know all the things you’ve been ignoring for weeks… The cleaning, decluttering, yardwork, projects, you name it. I’m pretty sure someone else out there knows what I am talking about! Well, I’ve certainly been there, and having a themed staycay helped me keep me on task (playing and relaxing) and guilt-free.

How? Well. the lovely thing about having our Capri theme was that if the activity didn’t fit, it could wait until we “got home.” It’s about holding mental space. As usual, if you see something here you like, please feel free to Pin it, share on social media, or share with a friend! None of us are getting out much lately, and your introduction is a great way for me to make new friends. Thanks! XO

I gave quite a bit of thought to preparing our home, and time thinking of it as our Air BnB (or pied-a-terre). Yes, I know some of these touches seem foolish, but they really helped me get into the holiday spirit… Because I am all about the details! And when your home looks special, it’s easier to remember that it is. (Mindset is key!)


If you read the original Capri inspo post, I took some of those ideas and ran with them! I selected a travel capsule wardrobe and minimal accessories. I found a lemon yellow pillow to top our blue paisley sheets. I pulled out our Capri colored napkins and stored the rest out of reach, grabbed a selection of blue and white pitchers for our mantle, and cut some branches from the yard for the center (magnolia, fig, and rosemary). I even made sure to keep all our blue, yellow and green dishtowels near the front of the drawer for easy access. Yes, that was a bit much. But it made me happy! Deets, peeps.


We prepped a list of kitchen must-haves, including prosecco, lots of lemons, salami, prosciutto (Thank you, Lidl!), and a variety of amazing cheeses (Thank you Fresh Market!). I also planned menu options to avoid the dreaded What-are-we-having-for-dinner-? syndrome. We didn’t plan it all out; the menu was simply options to go with the whim of the day. First thing Monday morning, I baked a loaf of bread (Started Sunday afternoon) so that we could have amazing yumminess with even simple meals.

Breakfast al fresco made each morning feel less rushed and gave me time outdoors to appreciate the day before the heat kicked in. (Because Georgia in July, peeps. We have no ocean breeze here. Just river humidity…)


We took bike rides and walks along the canal. We watched movies (Roman Holiday, Murder Mystery, Coffee for All) and took naps. We saw Hamilton! (THX Disney!) I had a spa day and a trip to the lake for a swim. I added Duolingo to my morning power hour and often threw in an extra lesson later in the day. Just because. (Yes, language geek I am.)

We took a day trip to the Columbia Museum of Art. The Black is Beautiful exhibit was glorious! (Yes, this is the same museum at which we attended the gala just before the Covid clampdown.)

Then we took some time to enjoy some Italian art at the museum and an ice cream (no gelato available) at Sweet Cream.

At home, rather than treating cooking and baking as a chore, I chose to think of it as a class in Italian cooking, complete with music and a glass of prosecco… Daily housekeeping was a matter of keeping our Air BnB a neat and tidy place to play and relax.

Near the end of our “trip,” we realized we hadn’t mailed any postcards! We always send postcards to friends and to ourselves so that we have a reminder of our trip to enjoy after we return home.

What else? Well, I was going to include the week’s lookbook and lessons I took away from our staycay, but this post is already far too long, so those will have to wait for the next post!

How about you, friend? Have you been able to take a holiday this summer? Or are you staycationing, as well? Vacations tend to theme themselves by destination, but staycations need a little help! Where would you choose to “go” on a staycay? What would you do? Eat? How would you get ready? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Elegantemente tua,



    Liz, Our staycation would be Greece. Really only because we LOVE Greek food!! Otherwise, if it was really a trip it would be Italy because my husband is italian and we would love to see Italy! I would LOVE to go to Ireland and Sottland again! My husband is half Irish anf I am half Scottish! When our son was growing-up we would get the Rick Steves Travel videos from the libray and I would make a meal from the country. We would read literature from the country and locate it on the globe. Lot’s of fun! Good memories!!

    • Liz K

      We love Greek food, too! A byproduct of living there for a few years back in the late 1980’s. I need to make sure there are watchables for our next Staycay!

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