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Capri Staycay Lookbook & Lessons

Happy day, reader dear!

If you are sick of posts about my recent Capri Staycation, I get it! I’m there, too! This will be the last one. Promise. It took our staycay to remind me that…

Holiday is all about attitude, right? Holiday vibe is about adding some bliss to each day. Holding space for relaxation, and if necessary, scheduling down time for recess. For me, it means giving myself permission to stop spinning the world. Which may sound bizarrely in contrast to all the planning that went into preparing for our staycay. That prep meant no stress and decisions during our time off, and planning and the anticipation are all part of the fun! Planning in this case was about the menu. Not only the food menu, but activities and ideas of what we might choose to do. NOT accomplish… That’s a fine line. It was lovely to have permission to just relax and enjoy each other’s company, time together, and our home.

Since this is (for the most part) a style blog, and not everyone who visits follows me on Instagram, here’s a quick overview of how the Capri Capsule played out over break:

And after we “returned home”? I grabbed some extra shirts and another pair of shorts, and kept on with the Capri theme for the rest of the week! (Except for that lilac blouse…)

If you’ve been around Closet Play for any time at all, you know I am all about what can be learned from any adventure. (Mindfulness!) There’s always a takeaway if you are open to finding it. Here are five things I learned about myself during our staycay! (I’m sure there are more, but these came to mind first:

  • Sleeping in on vacation is NOT necessary. It’s okay to be an early bird! There’s no rule that you have to stay up late. We were still up by 5:30, even without setting the alarm.
  • I am SO much happier with limits. Don’t get me wrong; I want to choose those limits myself, but I LOVE fewer choices. Decision fatigue is real for me. Honoring that is a good thing.
  • I’m a better person when I schedule recess into my day. If that’s playing on Duolingo for 10 minutes, that’s cool. Yes, it’s okay to geek out on what you love! Even if someone else would think that painful or work. You do you.
  • Matching underwear makes me feel like I have it together. I know that it shouldn’t matter. No one sees it. But I know, and wearing panties and a bra that match works for me. (So when we got home, I released a whole bunch of knickers that never coordinated with my bras.) Happier? Yup.
  • A natural face (Really minimal no-makeup-makeup.) with a bright lip feels FABULOUS right now and perfect for vacation. Possibly for the rest of the summer! (Stay tuned…)

Our first day home, I filmed this little video. It’s scattered, since I hadn’t had time to let the lessons shake out properly, but here it is for your amusement nonetheless…

So how about you? What have you learned about yourself this summer? Or during this entire Covid adventure? Do any of the bullet points above resonate with you? Which? Have you had a chance to go on vacation? Or are you staying close to home? Where would you go if money and regulations were no object? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours (Elegantemente tua),

Ciao, bellissimi!

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