Capsule Wardrobing

Capsule Wardrobe: From Inspiration to Reality

Happy almost December, reader dear!

As you can tell from the previous post, I am excited about winter! Well, I’m excitied about pulling together my winter wardrobe. Maybe less excited about dark afternoons and icy mornings…

I suppose that’s the price you pay for cozy sweaters and layering!

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Back to the topic at hand… Winter Capsule. Why am I a capsule wardrobe geek? Capsules satisfy my need for variety AND my need for limits. Capsules help me keep tabs on my spending. Capsules allow me to create seasonal change in my relatively non-seasonal climate.

Here in Georgia, we have 6 months of hot and humid, two to four weeks of lovely each fall and spring and in between–what locals call winter. (Which much of the Northern Hemisphere calls fall/spring. Sorry, Georgia, but you know it’s true.)

Last week’s video about my inspiration for this winter begs the question…

How do you get from inspiration to reality?

Sounds like a perfect post for the last day of November!

The Inspo

(If you missed it.)

Since I’m all about shopping your wardrobe (more below), I select from colors already in my wardrobe. If I want to test out a new color, I’ll try an Add 5 or a Beauty Bundle. (YES! You can combine the two!)

The Options

If you don’t have enough room in your closet, you need more clarity in your wardrobe! This is too much for my closet.

I always start by shopping my wardrobe. Always. ALWAYS! That’s part one of keeping tabs on my spending. Part two? I shop for capsule additions in a two week (or so) window before/at the beginning of each season. Each capsule is set-and-forget and gives me “permission” to not shop for another three to six months. Don’t panic! Set-and-forget is not so fixed that you can’t be flexible! I add gifts and replace items as needed. Note: Replacing means the item the new piece replacess is going out! (Yes, that means out of the house.) Lastly, if something simply isn’t working, feel free to move it out and replace it with an item that will.

The Closet

How About You?

Does the reality of your wardrobe live up to your inspiration? Does you wardrobe support you or do you find yourself scrambling for outfits for events or occasions? Do you plan your wardrobe or shop as the spirit moves you? Did you find the video helpful? How do you feel about Capsule Wardobes? Scary–Too Limiting? or YES! Sign me up!? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

AND if you are new here, please introduce yourself! It’s lovely to meet you…

Stylishy yours,



    Liz, I agree with you!! But, unfortunately I only own two black evening skirts. That’s why black. I’m wearing red lace or deep green velvet next to my face!!

  • Lise

    Great video Liz! Not usually a fan of videos, prefer reading, but yours was cool, like listening to a friend, very down to earth. Nice to hear your voice 🙂 I am slowly getting into building capsules from my vast wardrobe so all input is valuable.

      • Lise

        Same reasons as you, mostly for Spring and Summer though. Winter is dull and long and cold so uniform of cords/turtlenecks/puffer jackets is what is required.

        • Liz K

          Don’t think of it as a uniform, Lise. Think of it as YOUR you-niform! Nothing wrong with that. I grew up in cold country… Fashion follows function. Dressing for the weather IS stylish!

  • Pam

    Hello! I’m Pam and I live in Northwest Georgia. We moved to Georgia about two and half years ago from Ohio. I love it here. Much better weather. We live in Floyd County. Outside the town of Kingston. We moved down here to be closer to the grandkids. We downsized to a small manufactured home on the side of a hill. Our neighbor told my husband the name of the hills, but he forgot what he told him. We own some land that’s why we only have one neighbor. And I love that part too.

    • Liz K

      Hi, Pam! Thank you for letting me know you are out there! I’d agree with you about the weather… Except for maybe June-September! Hot and humid is misery season in my book. Sounds like you found a little piece of Southern heaven!

    • Liz K

      I have no seasonal color prejudices! I love all colors for any season as long as they make you look and feel fabulous! Thank you for stopping by, Leslie.

  • Lydia

    I don’t do a capsule wardrobe mostly because I don’t like limitations!! I want everything all the time whenever I want! The clothes that aren’t seasonal just get packed away until it gets to be the appropriate time of year again when I pull ‘em back out.
    A French 5 is more the way I do it so I don’t just shop all the time for everything, but it does sometimes turn into a French 6 or 7… lately I’ve been wanting to add more yellow into my wardrobe but it’s not easy to find my kind of yellow in winter time. Probably not a bad thing though! 😉

    • Liz K

      Some people want everything at hand; that’s fine as long as you have the storage space so your clothes have room to breathe! (I have a pretty small closet, so I need to keep things contained.) What yellow is “your kind of yellow”, Lydia?


    Liz, My wardrobe supports me. I don’t have too many occasions to attend anymore but I am prepared for what I do have. I need a sparkly black bag and black evening shoes to round out my dress wardrobe!! I have the jewelry rounded up which was a delight!! I plan my wardrobe then as I shop I let the spirit move me when I see the right accessory!! I’ve always been one that more is better but being more disabled as the years have gone on I wonder. I’m not down to anything like a Capsule Wardrobe but I’m not feeling well enough to use ALL that I own anymore. This is hard!! Hopefully I will feel better and be able to try on some items and make some decisions to keep and give out!!

    • Liz K

      May I ask why a black evening bag and shoes are on your list? I’d opt for a metallic similar to your haircolor… Much more flattering and versatile!

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