• Red Satin Oriental Pattern Pump

    Shoe Wardrobe

    Shoes, shoes, SHOES! Some people love ’em, and cannot imagine life without a variety. Others see them as a necessity to cover their feet to get into stores and restaurants. The latter are usually the ones asking me what shoes…

  • Accessories

    2017’s Top 5’s Accessories

    Last week I shared my Top 5 most worn wardrobe pieces, and thought to address accessories, since they are where the fun in my wardrobe comes out to play. Realistically, I need to break this down into jewelry, scarves and…

  • Pearlsonalities

    Choosing Accessories

    A few months ago, I listed questions that can help narrow the search for a handbag. They fell into Know Thyself questions, and Know Thy Bags questions. Know Thyself is key for all purchases! Accessories covers a lot of ground,…

  • Accessories

    The Perfect Handbag

    Questions to Ask Before Shopping for a New Purse I spent years looking for the perfect handbag. I don’t literally mean years wandering the Earth in pursuit of the perfect bag, but I might have had a wee obsession. Pretty…

  • Accessories

    Beauty Bundles

    I love the ever amazing Brenda Kinsel, and the versatility of what she (and many others, now) calls Beauty Bundles. A Beauty Bundle (BB) is a group of coordinated accessories that can be used to add a punch to a…

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    Jewel and Hammer

    July Monkey Mind: Support Small Business in the CSRA! A Christmas in July sign got me thinking about Small Business Saturday. This led to thoughts about how I want to spend my money and support our local CSRA businesses. (Even…