Why Am I So Dressed Up?

AKA: Why I don't wear jammies to the store. Happy day, dear reader! I hope and pray that your day today is full of only pleasant surprises! I am still surprised by (Although it shouldn't any more...) people asking me, "Why are you so dressed up?" The short answer is: Because it's part of my… Continue reading Why Am I So Dressed Up?


Split Personality Wardrobe

Happy day, dear reader! I was talking to a woman at the mall last week (People talk to me everywhere I go. I'm approachable. What can I say?) who was complaining that her closet is schizophrenic. Clearly, her closet cannot suffer from mental illness, but I understood her to say that her closet is not… Continue reading Split Personality Wardrobe

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What’s a Must-Have?

Stylish and Modern, or Fashion Victim? It’s easy to fall victim to the fashion rollercoaster. Fashion is everywhere… on the streets, in the stores, on the cover of magazines in the grocery stores. Everywhere you look are lists of the new season’s MUST-HAVES. Really? Must have? Technically, we must have clothing that covers and protects… Continue reading What’s a Must-Have?


Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Makeover

 Elizabeth (Not Liz. Please.) is creative, feminine, and relaxed. She loves options and unusual color combinations. She doesn't want to be boxed into a particular style. Her work has a relaxed business dress code. Weekends, she ferries the children to their activities, and surprises the corporate crowd at her husband's social events. Always appropriate, but… Continue reading Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Makeover