Because... getting dressed should be fun!

Because... getting dressed should be fun!

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Beauty Bundles

Beauty Bundles

I love the ever amazing Brenda Kinsel, and the versatility of what she (and many others, now) calls Beauty Bundles. A Beauty Bundle (BB) is a group of coordinated accessories that can be used to add a punch to a variety of outfits. Think of them as accessory families. Now don’t panic. A BB is not fixed; you don’t have to wear all the pieces at once, and there is no set number of pieces required. You probably have some at home already…

(Please forgive my extremely amateur photos… They were taken years ago, for my own reference, ages before I ever imagined I would be blogging!)

Color or Theme?

Often, BB’s are thought of as a way to add color to an outfit, and they can be a great way to pop your neutrals, or add a second color to an outfit without feeling like you are dressed like a clown. If a Beauty Bundle is an accessory family, think of the bundle’s DNA as what makes it hang together. That DNA could be a color, or a theme. I have a polka dot problem (no there is no support group available, yet!) and pulled together a polka dot bundle. No, I would not wear all my polka dots at once, but I would mix up two or maybe three! Maybe you feel a little rebellious some days and need a Rock-n-Roll Bundle. One summer, feeling a little sad that a trip to Capri was not on my itinerary (A friend was going and I was extremely happy for her, as well as a little jealous), I pulled together a Capri beauty bundle. In my mind’s eye, that meant turquoise blue, gold, and white, and a boho luxe flair. While she was away, I joined her (in spirit) on her trip by wearing items from my Capri bundle each day. Crazy? Probably, but it made me happy, and when we did sneak off to the beach later in the summer, I packed my bundle, and that long weekend became my Capri!

Packing with a Bundle

Which brings us to one of the ways Beauty Bundles can be most effectively used. Packing! I love to travel, and will throw together a suitcase at the drop of a hat. Weekend away is one of my favorite phrases in the English language. A BB, whether by color, or theme, can help a suitcase full of basics turn into a customized travel wardrobe. Imagine my Capri bundle on the left packed with white jeans, a white tee, a denim shirt, a turquoise tee, and a chambray sundress and a swimsuit. You would be dressed for days, with very little in your bag!

Pulling Together a Bundle

Since color is the easiest place to start, head to your closet or drawers and choose a colored accessory. It could be a pair of shoes, a scarf, a handbag, or jewelry. This is your starting point. Now look through your other pieces and see what else you have that shares that piece’s color DNA. Look everywhere. Bandanas count, too! Take a snapshot of your bundle, and next time you put on jeans and a white tee, add two or three pieces from your bundle, and see if you don’t feel more polished.

Arizona Packing

Arizona Packing

We are off! Yes, I know it makes us possibly certifiable. Going to Arizona in June and July. And that’s okay with me. I love to travel! Especially when there are people I love to see. So Arizona in the middle of summer it will be!

What to pack? I love Janice at The Vivienne Files, and have been reading her blog for years, now. (Please go visit her gorgeous and witty site!) She has the same travel “problem” that I do, and will pack at the proverbial drop of a hat. Taking a page from her book, I will be packing a travel 6-pack. A 6-Pack is 6 items to mix and match. The six items do not include shoes, accessories, or the clothes for the plane. (And no, I will not be wearing my jammies to travel in! See my last Throwback Thursday post to see why.)

When I pack for travel, I start by thinking about our destination, itinerary, availability of laundry facilities,  and the weather.What a blessing to be able to access weather reports for any destination in the world at the click of a button! I remember traveling when all you could do was go for a best guess on what the weather would hold. For this trip the destination is Arizona, so hot, hot, hot. The itinerary is visiting family, and no special outfits are required. If this was a trip for a wedding, or a business trip, my 6-Pack would be far dressier.

On my body: white tee, stretchy skinny jeans, cardigan and jean jacket (I freeze on planes!), turquoise suede wedges, and a polka dotted scarf.

On arrival: Off with the wedges, on with the sandals from the carry-on tote. Lose the cardigan and jean jacket.

In the suitcase: white dress for church or anything I want to feel special for, grey shorts, white jeans, short sleeved denim blouse, striped cotton swing top, dark turquoise tank top. Everything here is pretty much mix and match, a kind of Garanimals for grown-ups. (I also have PT gear packed, and will rinse these out in the sink as needed.)

That’s it folks. My purse will be packed into my carry-on tote with the sandals, glasses, underwear and a toothbrush. reading materials, and some leftover pizza for lunch! Wish us luck, and a cool breeze or two. I hope to Instagram you some beautiful scenery…

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Since Throwback Thursday seems to be the ubiquitous default, I’ll give it a try. As I have few to no previous posts to choose from, instead of an old post, I’ll ponder what items or trends I wish would take another spin through fashion culture.

I love the clothing of the very late 50’s through the early 70’s, before hippie chic took over. You know, the styles that drove people to swoon and discuss the wardrobe logistics of Mad Men more seriously than politics around the office coffee maker. (The P word is a topic I really would like to avoid here in Closet Play land, but I am sure it will be inevitable as it also affects style and fashion.) I realize is that it is not only the clothes themselves, but the idea that occasions were to be dressed for, and that different occasions merit different clothing choices. Are we losing our sense of the special, because so many go almost everywhere in the same clothing worn for cleaning the garage?

I remember, as a child, dressing up to get on an airplane to fly East to visit our family. We did this regularly. Not Easter Sunday dressed up, but not in play clothes, either. Today, I am agog at the people in airports in their jammies, hauling around blankets, stuffed toys, and full sized pillows. No, I am not talking about children. I get it for toddlers. Very small children have carte blanche go everywhere in their jammies. I am talking about adults, dressed as pre-schoolers. I, too, want to be comfortable, because Lord knows that passengers are even more tightly wedged into aircraft than ever before, but comfort is not only found in jammies and gym clothes.

Yes, I miss those fabulous 60’s clothes, but even more, the sense of occasion that dressing nicely brings.

What style or items do you miss?