Hi, Honey! I’m Home!

Catching Up Happy day, reader dear! I'm back! Thank you for your patience with me during re-post August! I really needed a blogging break: partially for a mental vacation, partially to spend time with family and lean into thanks for our new grandson, Gabriel, and partially to get the Beta Test for our new Style… Continue reading Hi, Honey! I’m Home!

Birthday Cupcakes with Lit Candles

Happy Blogday !

closetplay.biz Turns Two... Happy day, good reader! I hope your week is going well! I'm celebrating! The blog turns two tomorrow! God-willing, there are no terrible two's for blogs... I'm still pleasantly surprised to be here, and ever so grateful for your visits! (And patience with my overuse of exclamation points.) Last year, we celebrated… Continue reading Happy Blogday !


A Murder a Day

Happy day, dear reader! My mother's mantra is "A murder a day keeps insanity away!" Since my 87 year old mom isn't a homicidal maniac, it should be clear that she means "murder mystery." For her, usually in book form, sometimes TV. One of the best presents we have ever given her is the Mystery… Continue reading A Murder a Day


Friday Round-Up

Happy day, dear reader! Yesterday, my monthly newsletter went out to subscribers. Since I have already received quite a few positive responses to the articles included, I thought maybe I'd share a peek... Hello! Here in Augusta, Georgia, yellow pollen season is in full swing, the landscapers are swamped, patio furniture is getting a clean… Continue reading Friday Round-Up


Halloween Tag

Happy day, dear reader! Fall finally feels "here"! I love cool crisp mornings, and sweaters and boots, and I really love Halloween. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. Even before it became the colossal money making behemoth that it is in modern America. (And spreading around the world...) I was gadding about on… Continue reading Halloween Tag


#100outfits100days Faves

Happy day, dearest reader! Since the 1st of June, I have been participating in a dressing challenge. It's a way to stretch your style muscles by wearing 100 different outfits 100 days in a row. (Even a month is a good challenge!) People interpret that word "different" in multiple ways! I've seen someone to whom… Continue reading #100outfits100days Faves