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A Variation on Dawn to Dusk Dressing

AKA: Styled for Work and Play

Happy day, reader dear!

I know, our moms told us that the outside doesn’t matter, and it’s what’s inside that counts. I agree with that! It goes right along with Pretty is as pretty does. I’ve seen how inner beauty shines through to the outside!

That said, the outside counts, too! Especially when we are talking about outerwear. I wrote last winter about statement coats and how outerwear really is an outfit maker. (BTW, statement coats are big again this coming F/W season!) Well, this is true even if your outer layer (or topper) isn’t what you think of as a coat!

So today, let’s take one outfit and look at it through three different lenses. One for work. One for play. The last for a date!

To make the most of the point. Nothing else is changed here but the topper. The jewelry, shoes and bag are all the same. All these pieces come from my own wardrobe. Nothing was purchased for this post. My goal is to inspire you to shop your wardrobe and get the most use from what you already own!

My style may not reflect yours at all; that’s okay. As a matter of fact, that’s better than okay! Because your style should look like you. And my style should look like me. We aren’t here to be carbon copies of each other. We’re all meant to shine our own unique style in the world!

As I mention randomly, when you see something you like here (or found useful or just plain cool), please share it with a friend or on social media. It’s good for me and for the blog. Thank you. You’re the best! XO


I know. Not everyone can wear jeans to work! Or sandals. I expect there are more people wearing jeans to work in 2021 than there were in 2019, though! This look works perfectly for Zoom meetings and if venturing out IRL were required, I’d throw the clutch into my work tote and zip off to sort out the fashion emergency! (Superstylist to the rescue! LOL)


What to say here? Denim relaxes everything! The sandals’ chunky heel makes them wearable almost anywhere. No sinking in the grass for this girl. I’m ready for a trip to the park. Are you bringing the picnic lunch?


And now for a little aperitivo… This look is all about the skin, but there’s nothing particularly revealing about it! The narrow straps, the shine of the cami and the metallic pewter of the clutch all play together to make this work for a casual (and still special) evening al fresco.

How About You?

What is (or was) your typical work outfit? When you have multiple events in a day, do you prefer to change, or work it with it? On a scale of 1 to 5 (With 1 being Not at all and 5 being LOVE it!), how do you feel about mixing refinement levels? Does mixing them up leave you in or out of your comfort zone? Do you have similar pieces in your wardrobe? Have you styled them together? What changes would you make to fit YOUR personal style? Do tell! I love to hear what you are thinking…

Stylishly yours,

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    Liz, I ill ear a mix of refinement 2 and 3 just to go out ith my hubby and to get together ith friends. Full on evening dressy occasions are fe these days ith my husband retired as ell!

    • Liz K

      Indeed! I’ll take a little of the sparkle or flair from the higher levels and combine it with the everyday. You’re going to be seeing a LOT of that everyday opulence this coming fall/winter. Keep an eye on tomorrow’s post!


    Liz, I’m very much one to have outfits that I can dress up or don. Although if I have a special evening affair I ear something totally different just for me! My style is best explained by the red dress you shoed done in different refinement levels. This is very me!!! I just don’t ant to do this in the same day. I ould do to refinement levels but I ould save the dressiest for a different night. I’ve alays been this ay!! I as taught from my grandmother and mother to buy a mix and match ardrobe. It as from my grandmother that I learned to save the highest refinement level for the evening!! I miss her so much but she left me so much!!!

    • Liz K

      What a precious gift your grandmother gave you, Natalie! We have the occasional wedding, but our dressy affairs days seem to be incredibly few and far between…

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