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Changing Your Style

Is your style the same as it was 20 years ago? How about 10, or even just 5? My guess is that your answer is “No.” Many bloggers and style gurus talk about finding your style as if it is an inanimate object, that once found never changes. My experience has taught me that although there is usually a common thread, our style is constantly growing and changing, as we do. Sometimes I have to tell clients “It’s okay to change your style!”

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes like motherhood, or entering or changing jobs can require a evaluation of what is still working, and what you have grown out of (figuratively, not literally!) Big life events change who we are. That’s just a fact. Our lives change, our bodies change, and often our values change. Have you ever looked into your closet or a stored away box of clothing and thought “What was I thinking?” That’s a sign you have grown. Maybe you have given up a career to be a stay-at-home mom, or maybe Prince not-so-Charming has left you and the children high and dry so it is time to reclaim your corner office. These lifestyle changes will be reflected in what you buy and wear. Your personality may not be different, but the way you express it for the new roles in your life will be.

Personality and Values Changes

Frequently those lifestyle changes also bring about changes in our values and our personality. The designer label lover decides that labels aren’t nearly as important as she thought they were. Saving for WeeOne’s college education, and protecting the environment by reducing waste move up the ladder as ways to evaluate purchases. A newfound faith might prompt Miss Sex-Appeal to look for more modest cuts for tops and skirts. The young artist who was always concerned with having what her friends have grows up to realize she wants to wear what she thinks is beautiful, even if no one else sees the beauty. Comfort may become the primary driver for the woman who has triumphed over cancer, but is struggling with skin that has become hypersensitive and a body dramatically different in shape. There are no right or wrong values or personality markers that drive our clothing selection and shopping, but awareness of these indicators can make shopping and dressing from a chore into a pleasure.

The More things Change…

Often clients come to me when they feel they have “lost” their style. Their style is still there inside, but they don’t know how to express it with what is in the stores now. They had pieces they counted on, but those old faithfuls are no longer available in the shops. These women often need nothing more than a “translation service” to help them take what has always worked for them, and help them find the new equivalents to step out confidently into the world again!

Do you think your style has changed? For the better? Please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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