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Choosing a Pet for Maximum Style

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Happy day, reader dear!

We love our pets! People call them fur babies. We spend billions of dollars yearly in America alone on our (mostly) four footed family members. I’m casting no aspersions on our amphibian or avian friends, but it’s the furry mammalian species that empty our wallets, take up hours of our time on YouTube, and fill our Instagram feeds.

It is important to think carefully when choosing a pet! There are so many factors to take into account. Type of animal. Price. Health issues (Yours and theirs!). Veterinary care. Feeding. Toileting habits.

But what about your animal friend and his or her style perspective! Chances are you will be taking photos with your new friend, or at the very least you can expect to be photobombed. So of what style aspects should you take note? Let’s chat!

Coloring is Key!

Does your beastie have a Warm or Cool undertone! An undertone that clashes with yours will draw more attention to your friend than to you, and who needs that!


What kind of pet best suits your personality style? Big dog.? Small lizard? Python? Hamster? (Best not to combine those last two in one home…) Don’t ask. Make sure your pet and you have complimentary personality style types. If you are super Classic, a pet who is a Rebellious Drama Queen is likely to stress you out!


As long as you love your pet, and he or she loves you, it doesn’t matter what the two of you look like together! Love looks good on everyone! I’m including some of my favorite animal friends below for you to check out, along with their Instagram links so you can find and follow them there if you are so inclined…


I think my first Insta pet follow was Esther! She’s a pig with quite the personality and wardrobe! Esther is a celebrity with a cause. Animal rights is near and dear to her heart, for obvious reasons. She’s also a published author! Esther lives in Canada and has had quite an adventure since her mistaken-for-a-micro-pig days. (Clearly, she wasn’t micro.) You can follow Esther here, and learn more about her cause and find fabulous piggy swag at her website. Peace. Love. Esther.

Esther is a low value contrast buxom beauty. Her white hair and pink nose are her standout features. She looks best in colors that make the most of her fair cool coloring!


Meet Jynx of been.jynxed. She’s a darling and most best beloved Schnauzer living in Atlanta, Georgia (Hence the Coca-Cola) with her dad, a Nerfing magnate and YouTuber. When she’s not helping her dad make new blasters or videos, she’s encouraging him to drop steak, cuddle or rub her belly. Jynx may look like an ordinary dog living an ordinary life, but I think we all know who’s in charge at Castle Thalassa… You can follow Jynx on Instagram; you’ll generally see her in own fabulous fur! (But she can be coaxed into a sweater on a cold day…)

Jynx is another fair and cool toned beauty, but her dark eyes and black nose raise her value contrast to high! Jynx’s overall value is light since her fur is so fair, but don’t forget to add those pops of contrast…

For those who prefer their animal friends of the male persuasion, may I present:

Marlon (And His New Little Sister, Maple!)

What can I say. Along with greyhounds, I have a thing for French Bulldogs. Marlon lives in Los Angeles, and along with shots of him on his IG account, you’ll find strange and wonderful pics of happenings in LA and you might even get a peek at his dad, Alex Quijano. Marlon’s new little sister Maple, a Red Heeler, is equally darling, although still struggling with puppy manners (or the lack thereof?). Marlon was highly suspicious of her, but seems to be coming around…

Marlon and Maple are great examples of siblings with differing coloring. Marlon appears cool complexioned, with high value contrast created by his dark and manly nose and eyes. Maple’s coloring, on the other hand is warm, and we’ll have to see how she grows into her fur to more clearly determine her overall value and value contrast!


If Esther is a big girl with a big personality, Tika is a tiny girl with an enormous personality. AND attitude. She’s earned it. Tika, another Canadian, is a very fashion forward Italian Greyhound. I have a soft spot for greyhounds, whippets, and the like. It’s the looooong noses. And the way their eyes look up at you. We adopted an ex-racer when we lived in England, and brought her back here to the States with us when we moved. She has since passed, and I still miss our gorgeous girl. Tika puts a bright spot into any day I catch her on my feed. She actively supports gay rights and has been featured on Vogue’s webmag and been a covergirl for Clin d’oeil Magazine. Tika is a very busy girl and is apparently expecting a baby brother later this spring… Fans are waiting with bated breath! If you can’t get enough of this petite fashion icon, you can follow Tika here or grab her merch here.

I’m thankful I can peep in on others’ furry friends! We miss having a pet… Someday we will again. Here’s wishing you a wonderful April Fool’s Day! Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think would find it amusing… It’s good for me and the blog! Thank you. That’s not foolin’!

How About You?

Do you have an animal friend? What’s his or her name? Type? What’s your favorite pet memory? Or funniest? Do tell!

Stylishly yours,

PS: I’ll be going silent for the Easter holidays, but you can expect me to be responding to comments again next week!


    • Liz K

      She certainly didn’t. As a matter of fact, when she was feeling lazy, she’d bat at the dog’s paws to get a “ride.”

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I love my kitties but not the fur they leave on everything!! Tomorrow is bath day and we are hoping to wash off some of that loose fur and brush off the rest of it.

    I am switching from using Bloglovin’ to Feedy for following blogs. Bloglovin’ shows you haven’t published a post in weeks. It shows the same thing for others that I follow. So I have been missing out on a lot of posts. Not sure what is up!

    Enjoy your Easter.

    • Liz K

      Kitties (and pups) do leave their fur everywhere, don’t they! SO inconsiderate of them… Good luck with bathing the cats. That never went well when we had a feline! No ER visits, but misery all around. TY for letting me know about the feed issue, Leslie! Hope you had a blessed Easter!

    • Liz K

      I’m ROFL-ing! I remember thinking “I won’t be wearing white until this dog with black fur is out of our home!”


    Liz, Our children are two rescued cats. One is Tigger who is a large Garfiede look a like. He’s just a sweetheart! Then we have our Minky girl who stays with us every minute. She is very curious and we have to watch her. She just wants love but does things she shouldn’t. We used to own two boxers. When Minky was very little and first trusting one of our boxers named Chesty. She was trusting him and licking his face when suddenly he put her head in his mouth! Her entire head was in his mouth but Minky stayed calm. Then, she wasn’t!! She pushes her way out. He had been linking her head all around and it showed! They we’re such close friends. Both big boxers and our cats!

    • Liz K

      Oh, my! Years ago we had a dog who used to carry around one of our cats by the head! Not by the scruff of the neck, but with the cat’s head in her mouth… It was the strangest thing!

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