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Happy day, reader dear!

When it comes to style, personality trumps all. Because well, style is your personality expressed through what you wear on your body. Everyone has a personality, so EVERYONE has a style, even if they aren’t aware of what it is… Or what it should be for them! Many people dress in a default pattern without even taking the time to think, “Is this me?” “Is this what I want to say to the world?” A default isn’t a uniform. A default is a mindless pattern, in this case, of dressing. There’s nothing wrong with a consciously chosen uniform, or You-niform!

As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series, NO ONE is just one personality style! Each of these (Arche)Types is an extreme, or caricature, if you will. You are unique, and so should your style be. You may love the colors of one style, the fabrics of a second, and the lines and accessories of a third. Combining the elements makes your style uniquely you!

So let’s start with the Classic Personality Style! Ms. Classic is all buttons buttoned, all snaps snapped. Tradition is important to Ms. Classic, she’s not nostalgic, it’s about legacy. Think good schools, careful with money, always polished. She may work in law or finance. She doesn’t have a job; she has a career. (If she doesn’t work outside the home, she’s smart enough to see her contribution to her family as her career.)

Classic colors are perfectly at home in the boardroom. Navy, gray, taupe, camel, white, light blue, add khaki for casual. Yes, you will find Ms. Classic in denim, but never tattered or with gaping holes! For color, she’ll add touches of red, royal blue, and green. (A more relaxed and colorful variation of Classic is the Prep.) The fabrics Ms. Classic prefers are smooth and high quality; natural fibers, please. Her favorite patterns come from menswear: stripes, foulards, tartans, houndstooth, glen plaid, anything you associate with men’s suiting. She prefers crisp clean lines. You’ll never catch Ms. Classic in a too tight or baggy fit. Her jewelry and accessories are subtle, never flashy, usually fine metals and stones, especially pearls! She opts for leather goods in black or brown, with a soft sheen. You won’t find her wearing extremely high heels or pointy toes. Ms. Classic could never be accused of going overboard or being tacky.

She likes the looks at Brooks Brothers, Talbot’s or J. Crew. If she’s feeling edgy, Ms. Classic hits Banana Republic. She prefers to pay for quality, and will wear the same pieces for years. Her grooming is clean, neat, and subdued. She’s been known to wear a bob from the age of 8 to 88. Ms. Classic prefers a no-make-up makeup look, but has been known to go all out with a red lip for the holidays! It looks fabulous with a tartan kilt!

So… Do any elements of the Classic Style speak to you? Which? Which make you cringe? Does it seem like a great start, but too harsh? Here’s a post on ways other personality styles may soften up the archetypal Classic. This is a great time to start noting your likes as dislikes as the series rolls out. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I love to hear from you!

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    • closetplayadmin

      Thanks for visiting, Leslie! We still have two more to go, so don’t get too wrapped up in figuring out exactly where you stand. We’ll see how they mix later! And more than one type loves pearls… XO

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