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A Big Change is Coming!

Happy day, reader dear!

I want keep you in the loop about some exciting changes coming to Closet Play Image in June! Because, well, June is Closet Play’s birthday, and what’s better than a birthday surprise?

My apologies if this post sounds like an informercial script, but if I can avoid someone contacting me in July saying I wish I’d known! it will be worth it. I know that not all my readers subscribe to the newsletter. Nor does everyone here follow me on the social media platforms where I hang out! (Now, why you wouldn’t want to spend hours every day gamboling about on social media is absolutely beyond me… Yes, that is dripping with sarcasm. My apologies. I try to keep this light, but TBPH social media is both a blessing and a curse.)

Back to the business at hand! And a quick back-story. (Because context is everything!)

You may not know this, but my personal and business vision is to make the world a more beautiful place. What does style have to do with that? Simply, women who feel good about how they look shine, and make their corner of the world a more beautiful place. That shine ripples outward.

Sooo… For about two years now, I have been wanting to serve more women and struggling, because, well–time. I still haven’t solved that 24 hours/day problem! Not everyone can meet with me (even virtually) at times that work for both our families and schedules. An online course was an option, but that felt overly general and impersonal. If you’ve been here any time at all, you know I am all about personal and individual because style IS intensely personal. It’s you, showing up on your outsides, for all the world to see!

Drumroll, Please!

Which brings us to: TA-DA! The launch of Closet Play Image’s new Style Subscription Service! No. It’s NOT that kind of style subscription! There are no boxes to open, try on and struggle to decide about. No trips to the post office with returns. No missed returns hanging in your closet with the tags still on! (Yes, I’ve seen more than my fair share of those style box wardrobe orphans in clients’ closets!) It’s still so new that it doesn’t even have a cute name. I’m open to suggestions!

What Kind of Subscription Is It, Then?

I’m SO glad you asked! This subscription is about Real Style and Real Wardrobes! Style for every day, not just for special occasions! We’ll be uncovering (or rediscovering) your style as it is lived in real life, YOUR life. It’s about building a versatile wardrobe that confidently takes you wherever you go. (I want to help you shift from wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, to wearing 80% of your wardrobe 80% of the time!) It’s about starting with what you already own and making work its best FOR you!

Who’s This For?

It’s for any woman feeling style stuck or frustrated with her wardrobe. She might be looking in her closet and thinking I’ve got to get dressed again? I’ve been hearing from women that this past year has really taken a toll on their style. Clothes don’t fit, or simply don’t feel right or work for the way you live (or want to live) now. Think of this subscription as exercise for your style and a workout for your wardrobe! If that sounds too aggressive, maybe a style and wardrobe reset? AND a small start to making your world a more lovely place!

What Do You Get?

If you’d rather watch a video, here you go. Otherwise, you’ll find the text below!

1. Style Education

Each month we focus on a different aspect of style or wardrobing. We have a short Masterclass, and I share videos and articles related to our focus. You also receive a style exercise (or two) to activate your style muscles and put into practice what we are working on that month. This helps you move from knowing to doing! We want to prevent procrastication! What’s procrastication? Procrastinating by education: Learning more and more about a topic without applying what you learn.

2. Style Coaching, Support & Accountability

You will be able to post your style exercises in our PRIVATE Facebook group where you will receive feedback from yours truly and see how the concepts we are learning work for different women. I understand how hard it can be to see a new principle when you look in the mirror! Seeing concepts like Overall Value, Value Contrast, Line & Design on others can flip the switch and make it easier to apply them to yourself! You’ll be learning with and from a small group (Max. 20) of like minded women! What’s the saying? Walk together, go far.

Abstract, Arch, Architecture, From Hotel, Tranquility

3. Monthly Webinar or Q&A

Every month, we will have a LIVE Webinar or Live Q&A session. These sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. If you think you will miss it (or if you think you might forget your question), you are welcome to submit your Q’s in advance. We will miss you, but we don’t want to miss your question! Send it, and we will make sure to answer it. And if I don’t have an answer, I’ll go find it out.

4. Bonus

As an active Style Subscriber, you also receive a 10% discount on any Personal Style or Color Services or Mini-Courses you choose to supplement your Style Subscription AND your monthly (or annual) fee stays the same as long as you keep your subscription active and in good standing. Future price increases will not affect you! #lockedin

5. Another Bonus!

Input! You have the opportunity to share what style and wardrobing topics you want to dive more deeply into! Maybe it’s hats! Or swimming suits. Maybe it’s understanding more about the crazy fashion seasons!

(Was that WAY too Sham-wow-y?)

How Much Does it Cost?

There’s no other way to tell you… You get education and personal style coaching for 82 cents a day! You pay only $24.99 per month. That’s $299.88 per year ($24.99 X 12). If you prefer to pay yearly, you can! We round it down to $295. That’s less than the value of the unworn clothing most women have hanging in their closets!

How Do I Get In?

You can comment “I’M IN!” below, and I will email you asking if you would prefer to pay monthly or annually. Then I’ll send you a link to set up your subscription. Then the hard part… You wait until June 1st! (Actually, you don’t have to wait quite that long. You’ll receive a welcome email and your Facebook group invitation the last week of May! If you follow me on Insta or Facebook and would rather DM your “I’M IN!” that’s good, too!

How About You?

Do you think a style coaching subscription sounds like a win? Do you know a woman who feels frustrated and would love some personalized sartorial direction? (If you do, please feel free to share this with her!) What would you call this style subscription? One contributor suggested All Things Style. I like it, but keep hoping for a play on words or at least some alliteration…

Thank you for your patience with this post, but web hosting and the electric bill don’t just pay themselves! Not to mention I like a little ice cream now and then. And maybe shoes…

Stylishly yours,

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