Closet Play Image Style Studio

New Cohort Joins the Fun 1 February 2023!

Gift yourself your best holiday style ever!

(And join in early with our January Back 2 Basics–Fit.)

Imagine Quarterly Private Style Sessions with yours truly (available anywhere in the world) paired with a supportive group of women interested in polishing their style skills together! That’s what THE Closet Play Style Studio is all about.

THE Style Studio is about Real Style, the kind that comes from within and doesn’t look like anyone else’s. It’s about uncovering your authentic style and deciding how you want to show up in the world. It’s about starting with what you already own, releasing what’s no longer working and strategically adding pieces to build a versatile wardrobe that works for you. (With nary a Must-Have List in sight!)

The Style Studio is about investing in yourself and sharing your journey with others in a private group environment.

Each season we’ll focus on different aspects of style, checking in on trends, shopping, digging into Style Case Studies and weekly activities and/or reflections to help you explore YOUR style. You’ll receive personalized style coaching and feedback from me all along your way. I bet you’ll even make some new friends!

Closet Play Image Style Studio!

What exactly do you get for your money? I’m glad you asked! You receive:

  • 4 Private Quarterly Personal Style Sessions (Value $600)
  • Style Case Studies (What’s Working & What’s Not)
  • Trend Reports–Hits & Misses (Value $500)
  • Shopping Guides (Value $1200)
  • Weekly Style Exploration Emails
  • Stylist Coaching & Outfit Suggestions (Value $75-$1800)
  • 10% Discount on Other Style or Color Services
  • Total Value: $3250 or more!
  • PLUS: An amazing community of stylish women to support you in your style discovery and exploration! (Value? PRICELESS!)
  • Your Price: $49.99/month OR $499/year (Yes, that’s two months for free!)

Wowza! That’s a deal, for sure!

OR if you need more convincing…

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Decide if you want to pay monthly or in full.

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Chic-up your style skills!

If you like office supplies, this is a great excuse to buy a new three-ring-binder!

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Still on the Fence? Here’s What Others Have Said…

Polish YOUR Style Skills!

Feeling stuck in your style? Or just blah about your closet? Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to refresh your style. Or simply to spend some quality time on and with you? Sounds like you’re ready for a change! Polish up your style skills in… The Style Studio!

Thank you! I’m always… Stylishly yours,

AND hoping to meeting you soon!