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Skin Care for Cold Weather

& Neora Hydrogel Patch Review

Happy day, Reader Dear!

Well, we’ve had a few turns in the weather department this month. We’ve gone from shorts and tanks to sweaters and boots.

And back again.

Sometimes in the same day!

Which means my skin doesn’t know which way is up.

One moment I am sweating and smearing and the next my skin is dry and parched.

Anyone else struggle with skin and makeup during these transitional seasons?

I’m no makeup guru nor aesthetician. I am simply a 60 y/o woman trying to make the best of what she’s been given. So during cold weather, I need…

More Moisture! (But not the oily kind…)

How am I getting it? Let’s chat!


Here’s where I struggle. I have sensitive AND oily skin. Which makes finding moisturizers a real trick. They need to hydrate without causing my skin to break out. Fortunately, hyaluronic acid has revolutionized my skin care! Especially when found in gel based formulas that trap the moisture in my skin without resorting to heavy creams. YAY! Some areas need a little extra help, though… How to get the extra moisture without oil? Enter Hydrogel Patches.

Quite a few companies are manufacturing Hydrogel Patches, so when Sam Brabender of Neora gifted me a box to test, I was up for the challenge. Rather than use them all at once, I decided to use one a week for 5-ish (You’ll see what I mean!) weeks and look for changes.

Here’s what they look like on the face and an image of what my under eyes looked like afterwards. I’m wearing a little lip balm here, but nothing other than moisturizer.

My Take?

Verdict: These Neora Hydrogel Patches work brilliantly! They provide moisture without greasiness. As the weeks progressed, I noticed that my undereye concealer was going on more smoothly and showing less lines as the day went on.

The last week, I used two sets of patches, first my normal Monday set and then a second set on Friday evening after a long day of conference sessions, we had an evening awards event and gala. I took our prep time to relax and refresh. That means a little lie-down with patches on my eyes. I felt great when my timer went off and reapplied my makeup for the evening. At least three people mentioned how refreshed I looked and how fabulous my makeup was! I’ll take that as an endorsement.

Here’s a photo from the gala. I’m not worried about smile lines.

Those are the best kind of lines in my book!

Neora offered me the opportunity to partner and receive a percentage, but rather than taking them up on that, Sam has arranged to pass that amount onto you! If you want to try the patches, your $10 discount will show up when you view your shopping bag. If you order two boxes, Sam tells me you’ll qualify for free shipping. I know I want a few boxes for the upcoming season! Here’s the link:

The special runs all through the month of November (2023).


When the weather gets cold, my lips take a beating. Especially when I head out in the morning for my daily walk. I have to get back on the lip care wagon by making sure to buff my lips with my washcloth morning and night and apply lip balm as I turn out the light for bed. Last month, City Lips Hyaluronic Acid Lip Plumping Gloss kept showing up in my Instagram feed, so I thought, Why not give it a whirl? I’ve tried other plumping glosses before, but the peppermint or cinnamon irritants don’t play nicely with my sensitive skin. They do work quickly to swell your lips, but the effect is temporary.

The instructions on the City Lips package say that you should apply it twice daily. Okay, I can do that. Actually, I’ve been applying 3x daily: In the morning before my walk. After bathing and moisturizing my face. At night, after my nighttime makeup removal and moisturizing.

I’m not fond of the gooey texture. I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses that come out on a stick and sponge, but I promised myself I’d give it a month. So far? I’m surprised! Usually, when you put lipstick on over a gloss, it slides right off, but the City Lips formula doesn’t cause slippage. Somehow, it creates a glossy sheer look with any lipstick I’ve layered over it. With no bleeding. What kind of sorcery is this? I don’t know, but I might just be a convert. My lips don’t look like I’ve had any surgical interventions, but my lipstick stays on and my lips aren’t dry and flaky. Verdict: Worth a try!


You might not realize, but handling fabric and paper is extremely drying to the hands. Paper and fabric rub off the protective oils on our skin and absorb moisture as well. For me the trick is adding moisture without causing a staining issue. You can just imagine if I were to handle someone’s lovely silk blouse with greasy hands…

For me, that means getting serious about moisture when I go to bed and again in the morning before I slip on my gloves to go out into the cold. Which is why I started using Dr. Bronners Unscented Organic Magic Balm (Often used for babies!) at night and in the wee hours. It’s loaded with lovely oils like Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax, Coconut) Oil, Olive Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. My hands, cuticles and nails are happy they are getting some extra love!

Stylishly yours,

How About You?

We’re all in this together… Please share your favorite tips and products with me and your fellow readers! How do you change your skincare routine when the weather cools down? Do you struggle with dry skin? Oily skin? Both? (I’m right there with you!) What is your biggest skincare concern? How do you keep your hands hydrated without that greasy residue? Do tell… We can ALL use some inspiration!

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