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Color Inspiration: Travel Packing

Blues, Greens, Brown & Pink

For a Beach Vaycay with the Grands

Happy day, Reader Dear!

As you eye this post, we are recovering, God willing, from a week’s trip to Florida with our grandsons.

An acquaintance asked, Why would you go to Florida in Summer? It’s hot!

Clearly, this person has never visited Augusta, Georgia in the summer. Last year, the temps were cooler in Florida than they were here! And the humidity? Don’t even get me started…

At least in Florida we will have:


Rocket Launches!

Ocean breezes!


Okay, maybe we can skip that last one…

Prompted by the work we have been doing in THE Style Reset (Compact Travel packs using my 4-3-2-1 Packing Formula), and our conversations about inspiration and how to use that to help you choose colors to pack, I thought I’d share my inspiriation for this trip pack!

In my mind, I’m French Beach Vaycay-ing again. In reality, this trip is less Rivera and more Mini-Golf & Alligators, Beaching, Kayaking and a day at the Kennedy Space Center! (We are huge space nerds!) there will be no cocktails by the pool nor casually elegant dining. It’ll be a burgers and dogs on the grill kind of menu. And salads. Hopefully lots of salads. And Key Lime pie! This is Florida after all.

My Inspiration

I saw this bracelet when looking for a new blouse at J Jill. It felt perfectly beachy! (It’s the tones and the tassel.) I’m not averse to a little boho at the beach. Even though Boho is not at all part of my everyday style.

Palette Thoughts

Looking at the bracelet… I can do blues. And greens. And pinks. But browns? Not a standard neutral for me, I’ll admit. How about keepong the browns in my accessories? Perfect because my sunhat is brown! Ooooh, maybe leopard sandals with my straw bag… Feeling cute! My base neutral will be denim. Lots of denim. It’s kid friendly and doesn’t show stains like head to toe white. I’ll accent with pink and white, accessorize with green and brown. I’ll lean into the pinks and greens to help me avoid the Costal Grandma vibe! Sounds like a plan.

This green looks very bright. I’m going for softer and more jade-y.


You saw most of it above! We’ll also go to church and spend some time hitting the shops. (Looks like Cocoa Village needs a peek.) I’m hoping Mr CP and I will be able to sneak out for a coffee date at some point. (Yes, the grands will have appropriate adult supervision!)


4 Tops: Denim Shirt (Probably the one with the multicolored buttons.), Light Blue Silk Blouse, Pink Tee (WHAT?–Did I mention this trip is very kid friendly?) and some sort of White Top

3 Bottoms: Faded Levi’s, Jean Shorts, Pink Shorts

2 Toppers: Denim Jacket, Taupe Moto (!?)

1 Dress: Chambray? Pink Linen? Still undecided!

Yes, underwear and jammies go in the suitcase, too.

PLUS: Bathing Suits, a Coverup and some Yoga Gear AND Sunscreen. LOTS OF SUNSCREEN.

Shoes are also still up in the air. I want to take ALL the shoes, but packing space is at a premium so I’ll have to be smart. Huff. (Can you see me pouting?)

AND a bandana! Why? It’s the most practical travel item ever. Rinses and dries in a flash. Napkin, Hand Drying Towel, Sweat Rag, Cooling Scarf (Soak in cold H2O and tie around neck.), Cute Clutch, Headscarf/Headband, Accessory, Mask/Dust Filter, Bandage, Tourniquet (Let’s hope we never need THAT one!), Back of Neck Sunburn Preventer…

I’ll choose accessories later. Sounds like a video opportunity. (If I’m not losing my mind and packing at the last minute, that is.)

I’ll let you know how it went! (Maybe I’ll even take some selfies in front of the door?)

How About You?

Do you have any vacation plans? How do you feel about packing? Have you ever used an inspiration piece to help you pack or to inspire your dressing for a season? Do you have grands? If so, do you travel with yours, sans their parents? Can you think of any other uses a bandana can serve? Do tell… I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


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