Color Obsession: Orange

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

Yes, it is cliche to do a post about orange in October. But truly people, I LOVE orange!


Orange doesn’t doesn’t love me.

Why not? My personal coloring is cool (VERY cool, soft and light.) Light and soft oranges exist, but not cool oranges.

Orange is the only hue on the color wheel that does not have a cool form.

Deeper sigh.

Orange is synonymous with fall and pumpkins. This gorgeous hue comes in shades from bright citrus to pumpkin, copper to carrot. How about papaya and mango? Rich persimmon.

Do I like orange or am I just hungry?

Yes, and…

How about Burnt Orange from the box of Crayola 64’s?

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Thank you for your patience and now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

With an orange Add 5!

Images: Scarf & Nail Polish-Target, Earrings-JC Penney, Bag-TJ Max, Shoes-DSW

Why These?

No other reason than they float my boat! And a girl can dream, can’t she? The striped scarf channels candy corn vibes without being too overt about it. The stone in the earrings has a dusky quality that makes them more wearable than traffic cone orange. Metallic orange shoes? What a fun pop of color to add to almost any outfit! That juicy orange chain strap cross body bag? It’s my favorite of the five! I can get a pop of orange energy far from my face.

Combining Orange

For spring and summer, I adore White with Orange. For fall/winter? Let’s soften that White–Soft White or Ivory and pair it with a softened Orange–Persimmon, Cinnamon or Carnelian.

Blue (Orange’s color wheel complement) always suits Orange beautifully. To avoid the sport team logo vibe, try those Pumpkins and burnished Oranges with Sky Blue or other Light Blues.

Greens, both forest, olive and apple look great with Orange, especially of the Burnished Pumpkin variety.

Purple and Orange is just right… For those Clemson fans! I’d opt for Eggplant and Burnished Pumpkin. Unexpectedly Elegant. Dress it up with Cognac accessories!

One of my favorites? Rusty Red and Orange–I LOVE cinnamon and orange! (Although I can take or leave a PSL.)

Olive, Khaki, Bitter Brown and any of the colored neutrals look amazing with Orange. Want the Halloween look? Clear and bright Orange and Black are the classic combo, otherwise give Black a miss.

How About You?

What are your feelings about orange? How about Pumpkin Spice Lattes? What qualities do you associate with this quintessential fall hue? Beside traffic cones, that is! What’s your favorite orange food? Is orange a wardrobe staple for you? What shades or tones do you prefer? Do tell… I love to hear from you! (Even more than I love orange!) XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    I wear orange (or coral or peach) with blue-green colors (teal, aqua, sky blue, mint) the most, I think. I usually wear it in accessories. Olive and denim are runners up. Rusty red + orange is an interesting combo I haven’t thought of.

    I have a *gorgeous* orange/yellow/green umbrella with a Tiffany stained glass butterfly motif that is probably my favorite orange accessory!

    I’m actually allergic to oranges (the fruit) but I can and do eat pumpkin (though not the PSL) 😉

    • Liz K

      Olive and coral is one of my favorite combos, Sally! Olive and turquoise, too! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you in a Rusty Red + Coral/Orange combo. I think you might have some of those colors…

  • Mary Jean Cunningham

    I bought a Talbots shortish linen jacket in a toned-down orange color that turned out to be surprisingly more versatile than I thought it would be – could be worn with black without looking like a Halloween decoration because it wasn’t bright orange and goes great with taupe, all blues, ivory, and of course, khaki, brown, etc., plus it was a style that could look casual or not. I love oranges – mandarins, navels – all good!

  • Gail Joan McKelvey

    Years ago, I read someplace that turquoise & peach were two colors that anyone could find a shade to wear. Peach is orange (kind of)! i like orange but find it hard to wear in seasons other than the fall because it makes me feel like a pumpkin (oh no), let’s go with a fall leaf instead!! Thank you, Liz!!

    • Liz K

      I agree that there is a turquoise for everyone, Gail, since they come in warmer and cooler variations. Peach on the other hand? It is softer than orange, so maybe that’s why it’s considered more friendly? I’ve heard other color people say that there’s a coral for everyone since coral is an orange/pink combo, but you’ve got to move coral WAY into the pink for it to work for me. At which point, is it even still coral? A rose by any other name…

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