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Colorful Fall Capsule

Fall Fun Frocks and Finery?

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

(Sorry about the alliterative subheading. You know me. I love me a good overdone alliteration!)

AND you also know: I can’t abide a boring capsule wardrobe.

Make that a boring wardrobe. Period.

SO many people fall into the dark neutrals trap for fall and winter that I feel it’s my calling to offer an alternative!

How to describe the fall feels? Maximal color and texture. Rich colored corduroys are a great start! We can fake texture with pattern as well. Animal prints and brocades, anyone?

(My apologies to my Southern Hemisphere friends. I’ll try to repeat this for spring soon!)

To honor a season full of rich texture and color, let’s create a Fun Fall Capsule! I’ll start by thinking about a 4-3-2-1 and expand that to include, let’s say, 12 pieces and some accessories with which to play? (What’s a 4–3-2-1? Here you go!)

Let’s Think About Colors

Usually when I build a capsule, I start with two neutrals and two accent colors. Ideally, I choose neutrals that work well for my client’s Undertone and Value Contrast. And the accent colors need to work for his/her Brightness and Undertone. To make this imaginary capsule more colorful, I’ll choose two Colored Neutrals and one Accent Color. If that feels too scary, try one Neutral, one Colored Neutral and two Accents. Oops, let’s throw in some form of White; from bright white to ivory, depending on the client’s coloring AND a metallic that suits. (Why do I love a good metallic? Here’s one reason.)

For Cool Palettes

Here, our Colored Neutrals are Teal and Eggplant; the Accent is a cool Red/Ruby and our Metallic is Pewter. Since most people wouldn’t be happy with a 12 piece wardrobe, these pieces are simply a starting point. Or a great pack!

Images: White House Black Market, Lands’ End, Old Navy, Ebay, Sam Edelman, Amazon, Esska Shoes, Etsy, Talbots

For Warm Palettes

Let’s play with that Eggplant again, and this time add Olive as our second Colored Neutral, Scorched Orange (That’s what BR calls it!) as the Accent and Bronze as our Metallic! Again, these 12 pieces would be a great jumping off point for a tight colorful capsule. Or more than a month’s worth of travel outfits!

Images: Lands’ End, Old Navy, Etsy, Sam Edelman, Amazon, Hobo, Esska Shoes, Banana Republic & BR Factory

How About You?

Are you a fan of color? Do you like the idea of a capsule wardrobe or do you find them too limiting? Is your coloring warm or cool? Do you know? Would you like to? (I’d love to be of help!) Do these mini-capsules feel too colorful to you? Or just right? Do you fall into the fall/winter dark neutrals trap? If so, does that make you happy? Spill the tea… I LOVE to hear from you!

AND I’d really love it if you would consider joining the Style Studio! I’m opening the Studio up to 5 new ladies to start 1 November. Gift yourself some style for the holiday season! (The next openings will be in February 2024.)

Stylishly yours,



    I find small Capsule Wardrobes limiting!! I’m trying !! Just not naturally me!! I would pick my two neutrals as navy & milk chocolate brown and my colors teal & peach to salmon to coral then my white would be Ivory and my metallic is soft gold!! My accessories would be plentiful!!! Shoe’s must be flats from nice skins to dressy metalliic’s, my handbags I tend toward handbags, colorful comes in scarves for me and then I love unusual jewelry antiques and love medium. I also love pendants!! I always wear skirts!!! I’m shortwaisted so dresses don’t tend to fit me well so I prefer tops and skirts for this reason!! No pants!! Thank yo!!!

    • Liz K

      If a capsule doesn’t work for you, Natalie, then don’t force it. Although it’s always a good exercise for thinking about color and packing for a trip! I’d love a peek in your wardrobe someday!

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