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Computer Fail

Good day, reader dear.

We’ve had a series of rough ones here at Closet Play. My computer decided that it had had enough of me and my endless key tapping. The 0 Key gave up the ghost. The computer itself was shutting down randomly. The final straw was the Backspace Key deciding that it would no longer delete, but would instead be a dash ——. So every time I held down the key to delete, I got an infinite number of dashes!

We (That is to say, I, with support from Mr CP, my IT guy.) are working on getting my new computer up and running. I look forward to seeing you again on Friday. (Both Monday and Friday’s posts were already scheduled when the computer went pear-shaped. I’m managing to get this out on another (much less efficient) platform.

Send prayers for computer happiness my way, please. I’ll send them yours…

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      Thank you! We’re mostly up and running… I had purchased a new computer, and was in the process of transferring the information from the old to the new when the old had her crisis. I’m loving my new machine, but there’s still some info I need to retrieve. Hoping to finish that up this weekend! I’ll take this over a toothache or earache any day!

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