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Copycat Style: April 2021

With Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style!

Happy day, reader dear!

If you’re an old-timer here at Closet Play, Thank you for being here! It’s lovely to see you again!

If you’re visiting from another blog, Thank you for stopping by! It’s lovely to meet you and I hope you’ll spend some time poking around while you’re here! I’m Liz, Klebba, Image, Wardrobe & Color Consultant, Wife, Mother, Grandma, Entrepreneur, Style and Numbers Geek, Fan of ALL Things Chocolate, Travel Lover and Capsule Wardrobe Aficionado!

I’m super excited about this month’s Copycat Style. Not only is it a collaboration with an incredibly fun blogger, Jodie Filogomo of Jodie’s Touch of Style, but it’s also a redux (fancy do-over) of a previous copycat look that felt, well meh. Sometimes even a style professional doesn’t get it right on the first try!

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After Jodie reached out to me about a collab (Blogger lingo, you know!), I went scrolling her IG feed for some inspiration. And found plenty. I love the way Jodie plays with color and pattern! You know I love a good print/pattern play! Yes, there is a difference between prints and patterns. Jodie and her tribe are copycatting with me this week, so please pop on over there and see what they are Closet Play-ing with…

The Inspo… (Thank you, Jodie, Lesley, and Charlotte!)

What elements bind the three looks?

It’s the color play, ladies (and/or gentlemen)! I’m loving the purples and greens. Yes, Mardi Gras is far from over, but the color combo still feels fresh and springy, and that’s what I’m loving about it. What else? Although the individual pieces are tailored, there’s still a playful yet ladylike vibe to each combination.

What elements do I prefer from each?

I would love either of the dresses from the group pic! The green sheath and purple swing are both darling and would fit right into my wardrobe. My Spring Capsule Wardrobe, as a matter of fact! Hey, ladies… Are either of you closet cleaning? I’m also coveting Jodie’s lilac jacket. I’d like to include a floral touch, as on Jodie’s jacket buttons or sweater, but I’m not sure I can work that in with what’s currently in my wardrobe. The point of this whole Copycat Style adventure is to #shopyourwardrobe or #shopyourcloset, not to buy something new just to make an outfit! Finally, give me ALL the purple shoes!

What do I not want?

Gold. Gold IS gorgeous! But gold isn’t good for my cool coloring, so I’ll give it a miss. It also creates that super vibrant Mardi Gras vibe, and I want something more soft and springy; soft suits my coloring better. (PS: Not spring as in color season, spring as in calendar season.) Yes, my coloring and personality can handle the more intense Value Contrast of the brights, but not that three way (3C) Color Contrast! To “boot” would have worked back in February, but now that it’s April I’d be puddling. Although… Again, if you are giving away the boots, Jodie, count me in!

I was second guessing my color combo until I went for my morning walk and nature said DO IT!

Strangely, when I went to build out this outfit, I had some deja vu. Not the good kind. This glitch in the Matrix was not one I wanted to repeat. As I mentioned above, I already used this top and skirt in a previous Copycat. Here’s a link to the original meh copycat. I loved this green and purple look more, but it’s spring in my hemisphere; flannel would be suffocating. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, though, it might just be the inspo you need!

What do I own to work with?

For the top I have this lilac blouse and a green skirt for the bottom. For purple-y shoes, I have the sandals above and the pumps from last summer that I didn’t love so much. Let me rephrase that: I LOVE the pumps. I just didn’t love them with that outfit. If you are wondering, no, the top and sandals aren’t the same color. That’s okay. Since they share the same color DNA (soft and cool) they blend, even if they don’t match! That’s the dreamy thing about knowing your color palette and working within it. You can dress in the dark and still look put together!

To get more of a Jodie vibe, I’m going to have to add some extra oomph! In this case, I’m thinking statement earrings and a headscarf. Those are both pieces I see regularly on Jodie. Not sure how that’s going to play on Liz, but I’m hoping it will feel a little Rivera chic? (Or maybe like a throwback to Roman Holiday? You can’t go wrong with Audrey!)

How did it turn out?

The headscarf pushed me out of my comfort zone. That’s a GOOD place to be. Growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone.

Here’s the deets…

And how do I like it in comparison?

This month is WAY better than last summer’s version, thank you!

How About You?

Which of the looks do you prefer? With the pumps or the headscarf and sandals? Do tell! Are you a skirt wearer in warm weather? Or do you prefer skirts with tights and boots for a chill? What colors feel like spring to you? Do you use Pinterest as a place to find style inspiration? Which of Jodie, Lesley, or Charlotte’s looks would you choose to copycat? Is this your first visit to Closet Play? Do tell! I so love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    This kind of color blocked outfit is something I admire on others but struggle with for myself. Color blocking with two very different colors (not neutrals) challenges me in multiple ways, even though I see it done beautifully so many times. But add an item with both colors (or variants thereof) to the outfit (e.g., print scarf) and I’m (usually) happily on home turf again. I’m not sure whether: (a) I just don’t have confidence that I can successfully make a color blocked outfit of this kind; (b) I need to see the colors repeated together to feel good in it; and/or (c) I feel more right/me in an outfit with prints than an outfit without.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Sally! It may not be an either/or but a yes/and… It’s often the combination of issues that tips us over. I also know it feels much more natural (easier?) to colorblock when the colors share a few color properties. Both these colors are cool. Neither is bright. One is dark and the other light, but the other two properties carry it. Also, the green is dark enough that rather than being perceived as a color, it tips into neutral territory… Prints vs. solids is very personality driven! I love printed accessories, but prefer my main clothing pieces solid, or prints with one color and a neutral, e.g. a blue and white striped shirt, or a polka dot top. Multicolor prints don’t work well for my color contrast.


    Liz, Happy Day!! I think I ould like this on you orn ith a scarf not in your hair but on your neck ith some elegant earrings. Your sandles are great ith your outfit! I ould love to ear those in a soft gold. I have my eye on a pair of sandles lin soft gold for this summer. I prefer the feel of Jodie’s first look ith the soft lilac jacket and deep green satin skirt.

    • Liz K

      Isn’t that jacket of Jodie’s stunning? I hope if she ever decides to part with it that I get first dibs! Soft gold sandals sound lovely for summer… Especially for warm complexioned beauties! PS: I think the W key on your keyboard is having some issues…

    • Liz K

      Aren’t they fun? They are a few summers old now and I’m not sure if they will see summer 2022… Which makes me sad! Fun and comfortable are not always well matched.

  • CiM

    YOUR PURPLE-Y SANDALS! Wow, those are delectable! And the headscarf – A+ – a total win! I think you look wonderful and I love this post.

    I also love Jodie! Which she knows. 🙂

    Fun to see your thought process and the two of you here “together.” Well done.

    Cathy in Missouri

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Cathy! The extra Jodie touches added an element of fun that the outfit wouldn’t have had on it’s own. I’ll be playing with more headscarves this coming season, for sure!

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