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Copycat Style: April 2022

Jeans + White Blazer

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

Wow. That break was fabulous. I needed time to pause and reflect.

Thank you for understanding.

I’ll tell you more about what I was up to in a future post, but how about you?

What happened in your world while I was away?

One thing I noticed was that the 15th of the month slipped by, which means I missed something!

April’s Copycat Style post, peeps. Not tax day. I got that!

What a fun way to come back from a break!

Copycat Style. Not tax day.

All kidding aside, I don’t have a problem with paying my taxes. I’m thankful for the services my taxes pay for and thankful I have a taxable income. Those are things to celebrate, along with the paperwork being complete!

If this is your first visit, Welcome! Copycat Style is a monthly series in which I take outfits I find on Pinterest (or elsewhere) and use them as inspiriation for my own outfit. Copycatting is NOT about duplicating an outfit. It’s about taking looks, extracting what works for your personality, style and shape and using what you own to create a look that works for you!

If you are returning, Welcome back! I’m glad you find value here at Closet Play Image. Please share the love with friends and family; you don’t need to keep me a secret! Now onto the fun! It’s easy to see the connections between this month’s inspiration looks…

Every copycat follows the same steps. Join me!

What elements bind all three? 

Jeans, White Blazer, Long Legs (See… There’s always something I cannot duplicate!)

What elements do I prefer from each?

Jeans for sure! I like the shorter white blazer of the middle look. Normally a denim shirt and blazer would feel too structured, but I love the slouch of the untucked shirt and pushed up sleeves. I also like the column of color created by the double denim. Hm. I keep doing double (and more) denim Copycats… That might be saying something! What more? I want heels. And I LOVE the pops of red in the first and the third. Maybe not red for me, but some color is called for!

What do I not want?

Distressed jeans. No, thank you. Not loving the skinnies, either. Also no to the sky-high pumps. I’m good with a heel, but it needs to be lower than the first and second. I don’t want a big slouchy bag.

What do I own to work with?

That depends… On whether I pull things out of my storage box that aren’t part of my Spring Capsule. I’m okay with that. (Neither the jacket nor the shirt are in my Spring Capsule this year.)

Nothing exciting here. I think this look is going to turn out to be about the justaposition and the accessories…

How did it turn out?

It’s okay! Not anything to write home about, but I feel good in this, especially after switching out the shirt. I opted for a collarless denim blouse instead of the collared one above. The collared shirt felt too structured. And that’s what Copycatting is about! Not slavishly reproducing a look, but taking a look (or looks) and making them yours!

Wardrobe Note: Every time I look at this jacket, I wonder why I don’t wear it more. (Besides our weather, that is!) Everything about it is right. The color. The trim. The size. The length. There’s something deeper here that is going to take some poking under rocks to discover…

The Deets

Remember how I said this was going to be about the juxtaposition and the deets? Well, here they are. Casual denim vs. structured and trimmed. Add some pink, sunnies and a statement necklace. This would look very different with black/navy shoes and bag. Or even teal. It would lose the levity. And Lord knows I can use some levity…

The shoes aren’t in my Spring Capsule, either! Normally I’m better about finding inspiration that works with what I currently have in my closet. I wonder what this was all about?

How About You?

Have you been following the monthly Copycat Style posts? Do you have your own Copycat Style board on Pinterest? What are you seeing there? What do you want to try? What’s getting in the way? Do you have pieces you don’t wear that “should be perfect” for you? Have you done any under-rock-poking to find out why? What did you discover?

Stylishly yours!



    Liz, I would love to read that blog post!!! Just might explain some items I don’t wear!! I don’t think bleaching my jacket would help but perhaps!!


    Liz, I think we need to trade. I’ll take this jacket off your hands since you don’t wear it!! You can take my dark denim jacket that I never wear!!! I do love your jacket and wonder why you don’t wear it?!! I think I’ve solved why I don’t wear my dark denim jacket!! Maybe I should decorate it with brooches.!! That is soooo me!!!!! Why I haven’t done that I don’t know why!!!!!

    • Liz K

      Brooches do sound like you, Natalie! And maybe you’d like your jean jacket more if it were lighter? I bleach denims all the time to take the dark edge off! As I mentioned to Winsome, I think the reason I don’t wear the jacket often is emotional and memory driven. I LOVE it in theory, but not how it makes me “feel”. The look isn’t the problem…

  • Winsome

    Hi Liz, Looking at your jacket, because you are petite (? Is that correct ? ) maybe it’s the pockets leading to two horizontal lines that cause you to hesitate about wearing the jacket. Just an idea….

    • Liz K

      Hi, Winsome! Actually, I think the reason I don’t wear it is less about style and more about memories… Sounds like a blog post in the making!

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