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Copycat Style: August 2022

Animal Print + Polka Dots

Happy day, Reader Dear!

Although on break, I couldn’t go without creating a Copycat Style this month!

It’s gotten to be a habit. And a good one, I think!

Lord knows, I don’t need any more bad habits.

I’ve found these Copycat Style posts help me find new ways to wear what I already own by simply shopping my wardrobe.

Shopping your wardrobe is smart style and smart for the budget, too!

But we can get into a rut and wear the same things the same ways.

Over and over.

And over.

Now wearing the same thing over and over again when you are fabulously happy with it is NOT a problem! (That’s a groove!) Wearing the same thing and feeling Meh, is. A problem, that is. Because as the plaque in my closet says, Life is too short to wear boring clothes! (Or at least boring combinations!)

Which is why I head to Pinterest regularly. Because even a stylist needs inspiration sometimes! (And a place to store ideas for seasons to come!)

This Month’s Inspo…

The lovely lady in the middle popped up in my Ideas for You feed and sent me down an Animal Print + Polka Dots rabbit hole!

What elements bind these looks?

Animal Print and Polka Dots! Two of my favorite prints!

What elements do I prefer from each?

I’d LOVE an animal print blouse. Unfortunately, I do not own one. (Insert stoic small sniff, here.) Cool animal prints are hard to find; I’m always on the lookout. I’d recreate the third look with my navy polka dot skirt if I had a blouse to make it work. Sigh. I love almost everything about the middle look, except for the scarf (TOO hot for August.) and the booties (You can’t see them in this pic, but same problem.) And the full short skirt. Ok. Maybe that’s most of the look. It’s the casual way this plays that I like best. See? I need to talk through the process, too! I prefer the smaller, more structured bag in the first look AND the more sleek skirt. As for accessories, I’ll try the bracelet stack from the middle, too!

What do I not want?

Clearly, I don’t want the full, short skirt, booties or scarf. Nor do I need the polish of heels and a clutch. I’m looking for more of an everyday vibe. I’m also not feeling the bright lip of the first and last looks. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE a great red lip, but I feel like with all this pattern going on, something lower key will be a better choice. Sunnies, yes. Black sunnies? No, thank you.

What do I own to work with?

My leopard skirt is getting a LOT of love lately. It featured in two recent posts: Summer Work Outfit and in One Skirt: 4 Seasons, I’m wondering if Leopard Skirt might qualify as a Style Obsession… The polka dot blouse could for sure! I’ve had a thing for polka dots for years!

Yes, the top is navy and white and the skirt black, grey and white, but I happily ignore the Don’t-Mix-Navy -and-Black rule!

How did it turn out?

I like this! I can see wearing it again for sure. As a matter of fact, I have two business events coming up later this month. That’s one sorted!

After I grabbed my leopard skirt and animal blouse, I was at a bit of a loss. So I tried the arm party. Maybe arm party isn’t the right term, more like arm rave? Now what? I wanted flats; my ivory flats it is! They tie in with the skirt, the dots and my hair. Ooops! No color! I abhor a color vacuum. Red chain bag to the rescue!

The Deets

Stacks and stacks of bracelets were all over the F/W runways, especially bold bangles. I don’t have those, so I’ll make up for the gap with sheer quantity. Repeating another stack on the right arm would be spot on trend, but I don’t like bracelets on my writing/working side. (I can’t even do it for evening or special events. Although… I can do a cocktail ring on the right! We don’t always have to make sense.)

I started the morning with a red lip and it felt like too much, so a nude shiny lip made the grade! Now I need to go look at fall makeup trends… Somehow I forgot that in my research!

Note: Yes, the chain on the bag is gold. And most of my jewelry is silver. I know that’s not for everyone. I mixed up the metals in the arm rave and chose two-tone earrings to smooth the combination.

How About You?

What kind of looks have you been copycatting this month? Where do you go to look for style inspiration? Is your own closet your first stop shop? Or are you looking to expand your wardrobe? What wardrobe pieces are you wearing #onrepeat lately? What are your favorite prints or patterns Do you wear bracelets and/or watches on both sides? Or only one? Which? Does it matter whether it’s for day or evening? Do tell… I love to hear from you! (And I’ve saved a corner of the interwebs for your thoughts!)

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I found this combo really unusual and you should wear it for your upcoming meetings!! Never thought of polka dots & leopard print!!! That’s a diffinate way to keep it interesting and modern!!! I love polka dots, paisley’s always and of course, diagnol stripes!!! Some vertical stripes9 on the darker side for me!) . I wear bracelets at times on my left arm and I’m right handed. For evening, I will wear fitted bracelets on both arms but no cocktail rings. I have a very hard time with ring’s because of swelling with dialysis but I’m also very careful about that!!! Loved this copycat idea!! Pray you find the cool leopard blouse!!! It is easier to find leopard print in a warmer print!! Sometimes though it seems there are few warmer colors to pick from during some seasons!! Then we have more with warm!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Natalie! I wish I could have gotten to those meetings, but Mama needed extra care, so I had to miss them. Maybe another day!

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