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Copycat Style August 2020

Animal Print Trousers + Tee + Jacket

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s mid-August! Which means back to school AND sweltering heat in our neck of the woods. My brain is starting to think about fall, even if our weather doesn’t typically cool until late November. That means my mind is opening up to the colors and textures that shout FALL! Which is where this months Copycat Style originated…

As a reminder, Copycat Style is our 2020 monthly feature where I take a look or looks that inspire me and copycat them in a way that works for my shape, my personality, my coloring, and MY wardrobe! That could mean very little of the original is left, but that’s how inspiration works… It’s a springboard, not about cutting and pasting! (If you are interested in other installments from earlier in the year, here you go!)

Every few weeks, I take a moment to remind you to please Pin or share on social media any post or images you find helpful or appealing! I don’t get out much nowadays (Who does?!) and your Pins and shares are good for the blog and for me. Your introduction is a great way for me to meet new people… Thank you! XO

Back to Business! August’s copycat inspo came from these looks:

I say inspiration because my goal isn’t to slavishly copy any one look. The idea is to find the common elements, and recombine them in a way that works for you. Here’s the steps you can use to copycat your way…

What elements bind all three?  Animal Print Trousers, Tees

What elements do I prefer from each? I love the colored shoes from the first two, and the jacket topper from the first and the small pic. I like the chunky necklaces from the the black jacket pic, too!

What do I not want? Logo print tees aren’t my M.O.. (LOVE them on others. Just not on me. Or I haven’t found mine yet.) Nor will I wear the warm colors of all three of these bottoms! Booties. August. Augusta, Georgia. Too. Darned. Hot.

What do I own to work with?

I’ve had these blue animal print trousers for a few years. The tee was an Amazon add this spring when I realized I owned almost no tees and business casual was taking a turn to #wfhstyle. The jacket was a gift from my mother, and an instant favorite. It makes any top and bottom look amazing!

Here’s how my look turned out:

Some issues… The bright cuff at the bottom of my trousers is NOT good for my short legs. That high value contrast doesn’t work for me in that spot. Let’s sort that out!

Sorted! Much better! I could have broken out my red pumps from storage, but chose to work with what was already in my 2020 summer capsule, so magenta/purple it is! How did this look feel? Great! Once I turned the cuffs down and got rid of that unflattering line, that is. And because I am all about the deets…

How about you? Do you have a Copycat Style Pinterest board? (Here’s mine if you are interested!) Have you been trying to copycat any of the looks I’ve shared? Do you have the pieces to copycat this one? In YOUR own way? Do Please let me know in the comments below… There’s plenty of space! XO

Stylishly yours!


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    What a difference uncuffing those pants made. That harsh color on the rolled cuff would shorten anyone’s legs. With the pants uncuffed you have legs for days!! Great choice in that magenta heel. I have a jacket very similar to yours but it is black with threads of many bright colors. Too darn hot here for jackets of any sort but will be anxious to wear it again once we return to double rather than triple digits.

    • Liz K

      Oooh! I’m going to have to keep my eye open for that jacket of yours. It sounds lovely! It’s too hot for jackets here, as well, except that some places have their A/C set to Arctic! I like to have something along just in case… Now I sound like my grandmother!

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