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Copycat Style: December 2020

Blazer + Silk Scarf + Cap

What’s on the bottom?

Happy day, reader dear!

Woo hoo! and Welcome, it’s lovely to see you! We are mid-December! Mostly done with the longest shortest year ever. (I’m not the only one that feels that way, right?) Mid-month also means it’s time for our Copycat Style look of the month. Yay! I started this feature earlier this year, and it’s been a fun exercise to stretch my style. Even better, you’ve told me you enjoy seeing how to break this process down and make it work for you. If I can help you by sharing some magic and some mistakes, sweet! That’s a win in my book.

Every month or so, I take a moment to remind you to please Pin or share on social media any post or images you find helpful or appealing! None of us are getting out much lately. That makes your Pins and shares invaluable to me and the blog! Think of it as introducing me to your friends… I’d greatly appreciate it! XO

So what inspired me this month? Something not usually up my alley… A Ralph Lauren-y kind of look!

Here’s my Pinterest Copycat Style board. You’re welcome to follow me over there, too!

What elements bind the three looks?

Open Blazer (That’s not much to go on, is it?) Relaxed vibe with polished pieces. This should be right up my alley! The struggle is trying to figure out the bottoms. We have black, unknown, and faded jeans, in that order. What’s a girl to do?

What elements do I prefer from each?

Give me some color! And her coffee… I’d love to sit in a coffee shop again! The middle picture is really what got me started. She started me down the Holiday Hygge winter color rabbit hole. Red. Hoops, Silk Scarf. Win. Win. Win. I love the silk scarves in the first and second pics, and how the caps in the second and third looks relax the jacket. Booties are always a plus!

What do I not want?

Double breasted. That style makes me look like a truck. Nor do I want to wear the black underlayers in the first two. I wish I could see what the rest of the middle outfit looks like, and what kind of shoes the first woman is wearing. Alas! The limits of Pinterest… I don’t want skinny pants/jeans, either. I’m extra fluffy right now and am not interested in making it even more obvious. Also, wider and looser is trending; I’d like to take advantage of it! As for color, I want to avoid the all neutrals palette of the two looks on the end.

What do I own to work with?

Hoops? Check. Red Jacket? Check. (Thank you, Ebay!) I wrote about hoping to find a red jacket in my Winter Capsule Post! Silk Scarf? Check. Bottoms? I defaulted to my 501’s. You know how I feel about my denim besties! For the feet? I opted for pumps. My white booties would have been jarring and my red ones would have felt, well, too red.

How did it turn out?

Meh. I feel like a dork. I’m not a RL girl. The issues? The long sleeves feel like they are dragging me down, and the scarf is falling in no-man’s-land; it needs to be longer or shorter. And the open jacket? Just not right. That’s a lot of wrong! Let’s see how to fix those issues…

Rolling the sleeves, buttoning up the jacket, and retying the scarf makes this look feel a whole lot more me. Will I wear this combo again? Maybe, but I’ll choose a more festive scarf! And maybe a different pair of shoes. On a more positive note? I loved the softer makeup look I adapted from the middle look!

So How About You?

What are you copycatting lately? Have they been wins or learning experiences? This once was a learning experience. Even if it’s not a win, I don’t call it a loss as long as I learn something from it. I’d love to hear about your copycat wins… Or fails. Do tell!

Please stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!


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