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Copycat Style: December 2021

White Sweater + Jeans + Blush Accessories

Happy day, reader most dear!

And you are. Dear, that is!

Gratitude, pure and simple. I’m trying to get better at expressing it regularly. Thank you for reading.

Speaking of regularly, I also make a regular (and hopefully not too frequent) habit of reminding you that not only is Closet Play Image your place to visit for Bright Ideas for Your Style and Your Wardrobe, it’s my business. I appreciate your readership; that’s one way you support me!

Sharing the goodness you find here with others is another; thank you for your shares and Pins. I’d love to be your image consultant and stylist, so when you are ready, just let me know! (There are multiple ways to work with me. And no. Image Consultants aren’t just for celebrities.)

Business sorted.

Let’s roll into some fun and style…

The first Copycat Style post of a season/capsule is always interesting. Interesting can be good or bad! The good: I am both filled with ideas for the “new” clothes in my closet. The bad: I haven’t hit the bored spot that sets me on the hunt for different ways to style what I have.

I know faded denim, blush and white might not be what most people are thinking for for winter style, but the frosty feel works for me!

If your coloring is warm, swap in an ivory sweater and look for a warmer blush or pale salmon. That combination sounds gorgeous!

This Month’s Inspo…

This month was hard. I started with the middle and last looks but they didn’t have feet… So I had to hunt down some shoe ideas!

What elements bind these looks?

White/light top. Faded Jeans. Blush-ish accessories. Tousled hair.

What elements do I prefer from each?

I’d like the super faded jeans, but my light Levi’s are just too snug. Alas. I LOVE the red lip of the short haired lovely above. Red nails would be a fun touch, too! I’ll take the interest of the super chunky sweater in the middle! Give me the pushed up sleeves on the right and the blush shoes and cropped hems of the first outfit.

What do I not want?

No holes in my jeans, thank you. I also can forgo the half-tuck with a chunky sweater. Really? How can that be comfortable? Those are the pictures I know weren’t taken for wearing, but only for posing. Ick. What else? I’ll pass on the long sleeves.

What do I own to work with?

My sweater isn’t nearly as interesting as the one with the popcorn stitching on the sleeves, but the leather pocket detail (and back zipper) give this one’s something extra. I’ll wear my 501’s because, well, they fit. (Some days are just like that.) You are seeing the first real outing for my new-to-me pink loafers. I was unsure about keeping them, but they’re pointy, pink and studded, so I won’t hold their loafer-ness against them. I’ve had the pink tote for a few years now. It’s fabulously soft and great for travel or days when I am toting Mama’s things and my own. I like the feminine polish that “matching” your shoes and bags give. As for the red lip? I’ve got that!

How did it turn out?

I could do this look again and again! If you are wondering, no, none of the orginal looks featured a scarf, but I needed one! I also amped up the necklaces and earrings a notch, because I am all about the accessories. I wore this outfit the day there was a trash fire in front of our home and I lost the pendant from my long necklace… Sigh. I keep looking around in the yard, but no joy. Not valuable, just sentimental.

The Red Lip

I love a red lip and rarely wear one. I know so many of us have gotten out of the lipstick habit. It may be time for a Red Lip Week just to get into the holiday spirit! If you struggle to find your red lip, this might have some tips… This one is Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour (not really) lipcolor–Eternal Cherry. It’s intense.

How About You?

Do you loafer? Do you rock a red lip? Or does the thought make you break out in hives? Is your coloring warm or cool? Do you have a favorite red lipstick? What is it? Would you join me for a Red Lip Week? Do you prefer your hair coiffed or more tousled? Do soft colors in winter feel frosty to you? Or just plain wrong? Do tell! I won’t be offended. Believe me…

Stylishly AND gratefully yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Don’t give up on your lost pendant! It’s there and if you keep looking from different angles and in different lighting throughout the day, it will eventually reveal itself.

  • Kathleen McDermott

    I love everything about this outfit and it is very flattering on you. I, too, enjoy pastel and icy pinks, blues and lavenders in the Winter and they suit my soft Summer coloring. They are divine paired with jeans, especially light wash and white or cream. They make me think of snow and ice and pale Winter sunsets. I have a large collection of silver and pearl snowflake jewelry and love to wear those pieces with pastels. Oh, pale grey is another favorite! I keep my cool medium brown hair short, layered and face framing with bangs. I like a tousled look. Have too many red lipsticks to count! Any that are too bright or deep for me I mix with a bit of gold or nude lipstick – works like a charm. The loafers are adorable – like little sugarplums on your feet. I’d like to have them in at least 5 pastel shades! Oh, also love crystal and diamond/rhinestone jewelry with the pastels!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Kathleen! I haven’t seen you in many lighter colors, except for your fabulous turquoises! PS: I love the lighter hair color you’ve been sporting! I’m going to think of those shoes from now on as my sugarplum shoes. Thank you! That’s so fun!

      • Kathleen McDermott

        I’m not the Kathleen you’re thinking of. I live in the Somerset Hills of NJ. You’ve never seen me – that I know of! 🤗

        • Liz K

          Thank you for letting me know! I was thinking you were my local Kathleen McD but using a different email… Silly me! She’s from upstate NY!

  • Sarah

    I recently wore a red lipstick I’ve had for years but rarely use. My husband acted liked I’d discovered fire, lol. Even better was the name: Kiss Me Coral!
    I think this look is great, and you wore it well!

    • Liz K

      I think that’s an oldie and goodie like Cherries in the Snow! I remember my mom wearing Kiss Me Coral when I was a girl… Sounds like you did discover fire, LOL! Next week will be red lippie week here. Join me?

  • Jules

    I am not usually a loafer fan but love the studs and pointy toes. I did have some turquoise patent leather pointy toed mules. Was sad when they cracked. I love a statement shoe! The softness of this color palette really works. It’s soothing.

    • Liz K

      I’m sad to hear about the death of you mules, Jules! It’s sad when a favorite pair of shoes goes to the great shoe beyond… Soothing is a great word! Thank you. We can all use a little calm at the end of the year!

  • Sally in St Paul

    Super cute outfit and it looks great with the red lip! (I only have 6 lipsticks, but this lipstick is one of them.) The pearls look great against the sweater. I was slow to join the loafer brigade, but I do have several pairs now. I require a pointy toe on them unless they are of the smoking slipper style.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Sally! I don’t see going in big on loafers and I’m totally with you on the pointy toe… Maybe I should have said toe-tally? Ugh. I really should resist!


    Liz, Keep your loafers!! I just bought soft goldish snakeskin loafers from SAS. I LOVE them!! I’m a long, tousled hair girl myself. Always will be!! I’m warm complected so ivory top and salmon accessories are right up my alley. I seldom wear a red lip but I love Little Drummer Boy by Revlon. My husband picked it out per my request!! Now that’s trust but my husband is very good with colors!! I will join you with a red lip week!! Would love a challenge!! Any challenge you do I trust to be informative and fun!! Pray your having a blessed Christmas season!!

    • Liz K

      Sounds like your loafers should be super versatile for you, Natalie! Looks like Revlon wins the amazing reds competition! I’ll have to check out Little Drummer Boy; thank you for sharing!

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