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Copycat Style February 2020

Striped Tee + Bright Skirt

Happy day, friend!

When I was growing up in Wisconsin, I remember my mom saying “February is the cruelest month.” It remember bitter cold and grey for days on end. February may be the shortest month, but it always felt like the longest. Which is why for the third Copycat style post, we are going red. That, and Valentine’s Day, and Wear Red Day, and just because February needs a bright spot! I tried a Copycat Style Challenge last year and so liked it that I decided to make a monthly Copycat Style Challenge one of my 2020 Style Resolutions.

Join me! To make this work, I started a Copycat Style Pinterest board, and have been adding looks I want to try. Or it might be better to say that they interest me. Sometimes I don’t know quite why I pin a Pin until later… When I start to see a common thread with other pins I’ve saved. That’ s what happened with both January’s Copycat Style, and this month’s. Let’s tackle February, them!

Please feel free to Pin and share on social media any goodies you find! I love to meet new people, and your introductions are good for me and for the blog…

What elements bind all three?  Red Skirt. Check. Third Piece. Check.

What elements do I prefer from each? Striped Top. Pearls. Moto Jacket.

What do I not want? I wish I had a pleated skirt like the ones shown here, but my wool A-line will have to do. I don’t want the harsh black tights and shoes. I prefer the lighter look of bare legs, but because I don’t have room (or the desire) to tuck my top, the proportions will be off. Especially with a bare leg.

To finesse the proportion issue, I’ll wear my red skirt with red tights and shoes (Maybe my booties?), pop on my Breton top, some pearls, and top it off with my moto jacket. In my mind it’s going to look fabulous!

And here’s how it turned out IRL…

I’m pretty tickled with this look, and it’s certainly not a combination I would grab on my own. Copycat WIN!

So, how about you? Have you tried to Copycat any of these styles? Or your own Pinterest finds? Do let me know in the comments below! Have you been happy with the results, or not so much? Oooooh, I know! If you post on Insta, tag me @closetplayimage so I can see your Copycat! See you soon…

Stylishly yours,


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