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Copycat Style: February 2022

Jeans + Navy Sweater + Nude Flats

Happy day, reader dear!

I’m SO excited to be launching into another year of Copycat Style!

Why?, you might ask?

Because even an image professional needs inspiration sometimes!

Copycat style is a little series that began in January of 2020 and took on a life of its own. I felt like my style was getting a little stale and some inspiration to try something new was in order. (Yes, it was part of a New Year’s resolution.)

I thought, Why not try some different looks from Pinterest (and elsewhere) and share how to take those ideas and make them work for my body shape, coloring, lifestyle and wardrobe. So I did! And it took on a life of its own…

Just to clarify, these copycat looks come from my own wardrobe. There’s no outfit buying and returning going on to make these work. If I buy, it’s because I want to add an item to my wardrobe and it’s passed the test.

I’m not duplicating an outfit or a look. I’m taking looks and copying them from my own wardrobe, with my own hand (or my own take)–hence Copycat Style.

Periodically, I remind you that if you find anything inspirational or just plain practical here on Closet Play Image, or something that you think a friend would like, please share it on social media or save it to your Pinterest boards! It’s good for me and for the blog. Thank you!

So what kind of copycatting am I getting around to this month?

I seem to be going back to the first copycat style post! (From December 2019, BEFORE I knew it was going to become a series. Oh, the things we don’t know…)

This month’s inspo?

What elements bind these looks?

Navy Sweater, Jeans, Relaxed Hair

What elements do I prefer from each?

I like the touches of red/wine in the middle and last photo. I prefer the nude flats in the last image, or the light shoes in the middle. I like the faded jeans from our first stylista. I love the big earrings in the first and last images. A plain outfit NEEDS something! Like that flower. I NEED that flower!

What do I not want?

I’ll skip the all neutrals first look; give me some color! Black pumps are too dark and heavy for my taste. I’m not feeling the love for the belt in the middle; give me a little slouch this time around. And some flats.

What do I own to work with?

Round 1: During my 12X12, my choices were obviously quite limited, but I made do!

Navy Sweater, Levi’s 501 Originals (Button Fly FOREVER!) and my Scarf (Tied into a flower-bow cross.)

Round 2:

The second time around, however, here’s what I was working with…

Navy Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Flower Brooch

How did it turn out?

The second round looks more like the last inspiration pic… But I don’t think I’m done playing with this look! I think I’d like the Sweater, Levi’s and Floral Brooch. (Brooches are underrated.) That will be the next iteration. Keep an eye on Instagram; you should see it there sometime soon!

Some of the Deets

I’m not a fan of bracelets on both arms. They look amazing on others, but I’m not comfortable in it. I prefer to pile everything on one wrist. My issue is related to sleeve length and has to do with horizontal lines AND keeping my dominant hand free of hardware. My quirk isn’t yours, so you do what makes you happy. I was tickled to discover how to tie the scarf into a flowery bow! You need a diaper pin to hold it together, but why not?

So How About You?

Do you like all neutral outfits? Is all-neutrals your default? Which of the three inspo pics do you like best? Is this an outfit you could Copycat from your wardrobe? Do you wear bracelets/watches, etc. on both sides or only one? If you want to see how the scarf turned into a flower/bow brooch, let me know. I can pop a video up on YouTube! I love to hear from you, and saved some space on the interwebs just for you! XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Melissa Atkins

    I think I do tend to dress in neutral colors. The all navy/blue seems to be what I gravitate towards. I was a mostly black dresser for a while, but have shifted to blue so I don’t look so pale with my white/gray hair. I think I look washed out in colors that are very pastel. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I would like a video of the bow scarf how to!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Kathleen McDermott

    The dark look is chic and I ADORE what I call “faux silk flower pins”. When they were very popular years ago, I bought every pretty one I found. For me, they are always in style. Such a cute, feminine touch. LOVE all manner of pins and brooches. Again, always in style for me. I’m pulling out a red and pink flower pin for my coat for Valentines Day.


    I really like the clever way you tied the scarf into a bow for some added color and print. I have to be careful adding any bulk to my already bulky chest. But I think I could do this. Also like the floral brooch. I have a couple of felt ‘corsages’ that I like to add to coats and blazers. You are right, brooches are underrated.
    I tend to wear my bracelets on the same arm as my fitness tracker. Right now, the tracker has a pink band. Need to swap it out for something a little more neutral.

    • Liz K

      Oooh! I think you pink tracker band sounds fun, Leslie! I understand about not wanting to add extra to your chest. That’s what I love about a brooch, you can pin it as high on the shoulder as you like! Interest. Impact. AND Distraction! Triple WIN!

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