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Copycat Style January 2020

Jeans + White Shirt + Blazer + Pumps

Happy day, reader dear!

After December’s Copycat Style post, I decided to make this a monthly feature for 2020. Trying out a Copycat (or Springboard) look is one of my 2020 Style Resolutions, so I thought sharing would keep me accountable and let you know how it’s going. Over the holiday, I had some fun playing in Pinterest, and pinned quite a few looks onto my Copycat Style board. Fortunately (or un), quite a few of the looks are variations on a theme. Fortunately, because it makes it easier to determine what looks I am loving, Unfortunately, it makes it harder to Copycat a look exactly, so it’s time to Springboard that Style… I don’t want to copy three incredibly similar looks!

As always, please feel free to Pin any images you like and/or share with your friends on social media. It helps the blog, and helps me meet new people! Thank you.

What do I mean by incredibly similar? This…

A little repetitive, no?

What elements bind all three? Cropped jeans. Check. Grey blazer. Check. “Real” shoe. Check.

What elements do I prefer from each? The white bag. The heels. The bright red lip.

What do I not want? All the cleavage from the first two! I don’t like button front shirts. Especially tucked in, so the slouch from the last look is great. No turtleneck under my blazer, though. I’d die of heat exhaustion! A tucked collared shirts feel too mannish on me. (It may be the short hair. And there’s nothing I can do to grow out my hair for any of these looks.) Here’s how my version played out:

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know that I don’t like collared shirts. I thrifted this one for a Halloween costume but retrieved it from my consign pile when this Copycat/Springboard challenge came up. I love the slouchy look of an unbuttoned shirt, but not the revealing nature, so I popped a cami on underneath. I chose pumps with a squared toe to mimic that more architectural look. I could have worn my grey suede wedges or my silver pumps here, but these won out. Then, I had to add my neckerchief for color! (You know how I am about COLOR!)

All three looks are fresh-faced, but this one with the defined brow, flushed cheeks, bare eye and red lip felt just right. If you struggle to find the right red lip, you’re not alone.

I wore my Copycat outfit all day, and except for the collared shirt, I loved it! Each of my past white collared shirts that I liked had waist detailing or some other feminine touch. This does not. Part of me wants to keep trying with this shirt; I have to admit, it’s very soft and comfortable… And the other part of me says “Just let it go. Consign it!” I’d like this look better if I wore just the cami under the jacket. Or my soft drapey blush blouse. Maybe that’s the next attempt! Or the shirt with a skirt.

So, what do you think? Yay or nay to my take? Keep or consign the white shirt? Have you Copycatted or Style Springboarded (poor verb-ing of a word) any looks recently? How did it go? Were you happy with your look, or did it fall flat? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you! XOXO

Stylishly yours,


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