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Copycat Style: January 2021

Triple Denim

Happy day, reader dearest!

How’s 2021 treating you so far? I’m trying to keep my head down and my nose to the grindstone. There’s work that needs to be done, no matter what is going on outside my door.

Mid-month means it’s time for a copycat style post! I first tried my hand at one of these at the end of 2019, and creating a copycat style each month was one of my 2020 Style Resolutions. One of the only ones that worked! (For both me and for all of you!)

As I say every few weeks, if you see anything here that inspires you or gets your gears ticking, please feel free to save it in Pinterest, or share with your friends on social media. It’s a big help to me, and to the blog. Thank you!

Here’s a peek at January’s inspo looks…

What elements bind the three looks?

Denim! And LOTS of it. Casual looks. Leather shoes. Messy hair.

What elements do I prefer from each?

Those straight legged cut-off frayed jeans in the middle, of course! I love the hanging out shirt tails on the right and the same look that the skirt over the jeans gives. So let’s just say I like the longer layered denim under the jacket. I love the booties, and the popped collar. (No, I’m not all about popped collars, but on my jean jacket, it feels right!) I love the natural faces and the pink lips.

What do I not want?

The cleavage on the left! Although I’d love her fabulously long legs… Sigh. I can skip her sandals at this point in the year, but that might be fun to revisit in March or so! I’d roast in the sweater of the middle look

What do I own to work with?

No lack of denim in my wardrobe! It’s my favorite fabric. Yes, I am a geek. Does anyone else out there have a favorite fabric? So digging into my Winter Capsule Wardrobe nets me my favorite Levi’s 501’s and my denim jacket. Then it was time to dig into my out of season repository for a chambray tunic to get that longer layer look.

If I was to go out, I’d grab a small colored bag in homage to that darling little mustard handbag! (This copycat challenge is making me wish I hadn’t decluttered the little mustard bag I bought and carried this past summer… You can see it here.)

How did it turn out?

I LOVE it!

I might need to add this tunic to my Winter Capsule Wardrobe!

I did take liberties and add a scarf for some color. (Because denim isn’t a color; it’s a neutral.) Although in this quantity, it might qualify as blue! I’ll have to give that some more thought…

If you are thinking about a denim jacket, here’s some tips to find the best one for your shape. And here are some other ideas for styling yours!

Some of the deets:

So, How About YOU?

What’s your favorite way to wear denim? Could you see yourself in any of the inspo outfits? Do you have a favorite fabric? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

Stylishly yours,


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