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Copycat Style July 2020

Happy day, dear reader!

And you are ever so dear! So dear, as a matter of fact, that this post is coming to you hot on the heels of our Capri themed staycation. Because some readers have told me they love these copycat posts, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. Obliger? Working on getting over that!

What’s a Copycat Style? Well, it is what it sounds like, but not quite. Now that I’ve thoroughly confused you, I’ll clear that up! Most people think of copycatting a style as replicating a look you like. That can work, if your coloring, body shape, and wardrobe pieces are like the model’s. There are limitations though… What happens when don’t have those pieces? What if she’s 5’10” and 120 pounds soaking wet, and you are 5’10 standing on two stairs, and haven’t seen 120 pounds since 8th grade?

You improvise, adapt and overcome. Or as Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” In the case of a copycat, you separate the elements, and combine them again for a look that works for you and is all yours!

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Here’s where I found the inspo for July’s Copycat:

What elements bind all three?  Green Pleated Skirt. That’s not much to work with…

What elements do I prefer from each? The lilac and green combo in the middle is my fave! I prefer the pumps from the first look, and the clutch and dainty jewelry of the last. And I like the belted looks…

What do I not want? NOT the GG belts! It’s not them, it’s me. I know they’re hugely popular and have been for some time, but logos bug me. Always have. I’ve been known to carry my bags with the logo turned toward my body so they don’t show. I do like the the logo tee and cami looks but rarely wear tees, and camis are simply too exposed for me. I love camis on others, but my comfort level wears them at home (loungewear) or under a cardie. It’s a bra thing.

What do I own to work with?

I’ve had the lilac blouse for quite a few years. The pumps were an wardrobe addition last fall (I think?). The green skirt was an impulse purchase on Ebay. I’ve been loving all the pleated looks I’m seeing. They’re fresh and feminine without being girly. Unfortunately, this skirt is too large in the waist and too long. I have to turn over the waistband and belt it to keep it in place. To top that off, pleats that poof out from the waistband aren’t the most flattering for my 8-Shaped self. Not a keeper, but it’s a fun way to play with a look for little money.

How did it turn out?

Meh. It’s okay. Not anything I’d write home about! But I will write a post about, because this is real life, peeps. What would I do differently next time? I’d remember my jewelry! All I have on here is my watch; I don’t know what I was thinking! Not keen on the zebra belt, either. A darker belt would look better here. I do have a navy belt I might try… Or I could keep the zebra belt with a different pair of shoes. Maybe I should try the tee look next? This may just be one of those looks where the idea works, but not the reality.

So how about you? Have you been copycatting any looks this summer? Have they been wins? Losses? Or maybe just Meh? Has your style taken a beating from Covid and you’re wondering if it will ever return? Or maybe you’re taking advantage of the time to play with your style? Do tell… I love to hear from you, and there’s plenty of room in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,

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