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Copycat Style: July 2022

White Shorts + Blue Shirt + Brown Accessories

Happy day, Reader Dear!

As you read this, I am beginning my summer break. There will be a few posts scattered here and there throughout the month. I’m breaking the cardinal rule of blogging: Be consistent. Please subscribe to the blog so that any posts wing their way directly to your mailbox and you won’t be disappointed if you show up looking for style goodness… Some of the vacation posts will be new content and others will be Greatest-Hits style posts.

Before you ask, no, we aren’t going anywhere. I simply need some down time to recharge my creative batteries and take care of things already on my plate. I will share random fun in my Instagram Stories, so make sure to follow me over there!

Back to style business!

If you’re new here, eacg month I create a Copycat Style post, grabbing outfit inspiration from the interwebs (Pinterest, generally.) and use that inspo to create an outfit that works for me. Let’s face it. I’m not a leggy 20 year old blond with thigh gap, fabulous skin and a wardrobe budget that would make your eyes water. I’m petite. Short legged. 59. X-Shaped. Gray haired. And fiscally conservative. I don’t have free and gifted merchandise to show off and sell after wearing. I don’t buy and return clothing for outfits. Or go out taking outfit photos and changing three times in one day to do it. That smacks of fraud. This is everyday style. Worn all day. From my own closet.

What does July’s Inspo look like?

What elements bind these looks?

Light, almost Coastal color palette of whites and light blues. Waist detail. Brown accessories

What elements do I prefer from each?

I REALLY want to do the Hollywood starlet headscarf, but I’d die in our heat. (Nor do I own one in this colorway… Hm. That might just be a wardrobe gap that needs remedy.) Speaking of heat, one element of style is about appropriate for conditions. Those vary from year to year and place to place! Here’s last year’s Copycat as an example. I’d die this year. The weather has been so much hotter that even the idea of that outfit makes me feel heat exhaustion coming on.

Back to what I prefer. I’ll take the white shorts. I need a change of pace from my frayed cutoffs. I’m loving the all around tuck of the first two images. They create a more polished look. Relaxed pieces don’t have to be sloppy. (NOT that the 1/2 Tuck is!) I’ll take the bold jewelry from lady #1. And the day sized bags from the middle and last, something I can carry in my hand rather than throw over the shoulder. Did you know that how you carry your bag reveals part of your personality style? I’ll take the blue shirts. I don’t usually do tees. (Except under a topper.)

What do I not want?

The previously mentioned gorgeous headscarf. (Yes, I want it AND don’t!) For shoes? I don’t do slides. The women in the first and last are wearing slide sandals and I can’t stay manage slides. I fall off and twist ankles. Give me a back or ankle strap, please. (I know. I’m SO out of trend! And could not care less…) The teeny tiny clutch has no purpose in my world. If it’s not practical, I’m not going for it. Lastly, no need for a cardigan; it’s too hot.

What do I own to work with?

I found this blue silk blouse on Ebay a few seasons ago. I prefer natural fibers; they breathe well and don’t require special care. Silk is tough; this shirt goes in the washer and dryer. I purchased this oversized so that I could wash and dry it. I like the luxe feel, and how it drapes. Is it a little sheer? Can you see my bra? Depending on the light yes, but I’m a grown woman who wears a bra. I’m not worried about anyone seeing it.

The white shorts are a summer 2022 addition from Target. I needed another pair or shorts and white seemed like a no-brainer. It’s like the shorts version of my white jeans. (That it’s been too hot to wear…)

Since cool browns are hard to find, I don’t own many brown shoes. These leopard sandals don’t have the cool underone I need, but leopard! And far from my face, so they get a pass. The bag? It was a French 5 purchase a year or so ago. Its structure adds polish to even a casual look. (It has a long crossbody strap, too.)

How did it turn out?

I’ll call it a win, because at least three strangers that day said how nice I looked! I can certainly see wearing this combination again…

On Instagram, I called this look Coastal Colors. City Polish. That sounds right. Coastal Grandma is too relaxed for me, but this hybrid feels perfectly me! I was surprised at how much I liked the way the brown accessories ground the light top and shorts.

Some of the Deets

I thought a red lip would add some extra polish and the leopard ankle straps are the only brown sandals I own. I have brown woven flats I could see with this, too!

How About You?

Do you wear shorts? In public or only at home for relaxing? How do you style your shorts? What kind of bag is your favorite to carry? A clutch? Crossbody? Handcarry? Do you prefer light or bright colors for summer? Do you like your casual with polish? Or more relaxed? There’s no right or wrong; just YOUR style! Do let me know what you are thinking… I love to hear from you and will catch up in a few weeks!

Stylishly yours, XO

PS: Because I can’t resist trying for the serious style face… You are welcome to LOL!


  • Pam

    I moved to north Georgia three years ago from Ohio. So I’m used to heat and humidity. But the sun here is much stronger. I wear shorts everyday. I’m 63. And I know I don’t have the best legs. But I’m not going to wear pants and sweat to death. I figure if people don’t want to look at me in shorts. They can turn their head the other way. I don’t judge people by what they wear. I have three older granddaughters that wear clothes that are way to revealing. But they are young and can get away with. So I guess, I do judge them. On certain things they wear. But I’ve gotten used to them, so I don’t care what they wear. As long as I’m dressed right for my age.

    • Liz K

      I’m with you, Pam! If people don’t want to see my legs, they shouldn’t look. That sun angle makes a huge difference in how grueling our summers feel here!


    I would love to see this with your blue cloth button down with white color and sleeves!!!! Have a wonderful relaxing time off!!! You’ve earned every bit!!!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for the inspo, Natalie! There’s an awful lot of that shirt to tuck… It’s not nearly as soft and drapey as the silk. (It’s a man’s pinpoint oxford!)

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