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Copycat Style: June 2021

White Dress + Tan/Nude Accents

Happy mid-month, stylish friend!

I LOVE mid-month. Maybe it’s a Shakespeare obsession, or maybe it’s because it’s Copycat Style time! When I started this series, I had no idea that these copycat style posts would end up being a highlight of many a reader’s month. I was looking for a way to stretch my style muscles and get some new ideas flowing, because it is really easy for your style groove to become a style rut. (Post on that coming soon!)

If you are new to Closet Play . Biz, I’m Liz. Welcome! My biz is personal style, personal branding (Yes, they are different.), wardrobing (Especially capsule wardrobes! They rock my world.), business consulting, color fun, and public speaking. I minor in punctuation and parentheses abuse. My goal here on the blog is to share bright ideas for your style and your wardrobe. If you find bright ideas, shoutout on social media and share that bright something you found helpful with your friends. Thanks!

Back to Copycatting! It might be time for a reminder of what copycat style is. Copycat Style is inspiration rather than imitation. If I lean over and copy someone else’s math exam answers onto my paper, I’m using my own pencil and my own hand. I haven’t photocopied the other person’s paper and handed it in as my own… Now, I am not encouraging you to copy someone else’s math assignment, but I AM encouraging you to Copycat their style! Take what you think is right and inspires you. Use the tools (clothes and accessories) you have at hand. Make your own version in a way that works for YOU! Shop your closet, and the closets of your family and friends. So, what is…

This month’s inspo?

What elements bind these looks?

COLOR! Or not color as the case may be! The neutrals. White and tan/taupe. This is one Spring/Summer 2021 trend I can get into playing with. I love a LWD! Especially in cotton. It feels perfectly crisp and cool in our hot humid weather. What else? I love the waist detailing of each of these looks. The Butterscotch Castle dress on the right is on my wish list… (Yes it is striped, but here the overall look is light!) The seaming on the center dress calls attention to the waist. And the sweater hemline does the same in the first picture. Not comfortable with a focus on your middle? Avoid these kind of details.

What elements do I prefer from each?

The wrapped waist and shirttail hemline of the Butterscotch Castle dress makes my heart sing. I love the long line of the first and last looks. I’ll take the flat sandals of the first outfit, and the fullness/swish of the middle and last. As for a bag? I’d happily take either! I wish there was some hair and grooming inspo I could pull from these looks, but the two headless ladies don’t give me much to work with! I’ll just go for something that feels summer.

What do I not want?

The biggest problem I have with the inspo board is color. Or the lack thereof. I NEED color. (No, that is not just a preference. My coloring is 2N+1C, so without color I look washed out and droopy.) These outfits are color free, so I’ll draw from the last look and add a pile of necklaces for color! Next? No sweater needed in our Georgia heat and humidity.

What do I own to work with?

LWD? Little white dress. Check! Mine is voluminous, so I will add a belt to cinch the waist. I would certainly wear it long and loose on a 95 degree day, but we’re still not quite there yet. Only 90! The snakeskin sandals are old and probably on their last season, but I’ll eke out as many more wearings as I can. (I may have said that last year, too!) They are comfortable and just plain cool. The greyed snake makes them work much better for my cool coloring than a tan sandal would.

Let’s take a closer look at the deets:

A pile of necklaces, one colorful, mimics the vibe of the bedizened look above. My lady bag can be carried as a clutch, over the shoulder or crossbody. I love that kind of versatility! The bracelets are hiding, but piled on with my watch are a few faux tortoiseshell bangles and a wood bangle that was a souvenir from Hawai’i and another souvenir bracelet from a cruise Mr. CP and I took years ago. I’m not into expensive fine jewelry, but I love my sentimental pieces I buy on trips!

How did it turn out?

I’m super pleased with this ensemble! I felt cool, comfortable and ladylike. I can imagine this combination on repeat quite a few times this summer! (Maybe even next Tuesday for the Women in Business luncheon… LOVE it when a plan comes together!) I’m thinking ensemble is a more apt word than outfit. It implies an effort to create harmony rather than equipping for battle.

So How About You?

Do you wear white? Which of the inspo looks is your favorite? Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that might copycat these looks? What kind of jewelry do you prefer? How do you feel about the word ensemble versus outfit? What vibes does each give you? So often our word choice comes down to connotation rather than the denotation! Is there an intentionality to ensemble that outfit doesn’t have? Do let me know your thoughts? I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    You look very fresh, crisp, and cool. I don’t own a white dress but am attracted to the more crumpled linen look in a loose silhouette, which I would accessorize with at least two colors.

    Ensemble is an interesting word. I associate the word with a musical ensemble, which has the feeling of a group that performs together regularly…perhaps more like a beauty bundle. But if I had an acting background instead of a music one, I might think of it in terms of an ensemble cast, consisting of multiple principal actors, none of which is more important than the other, that have come together for that one play. If I were a physicist, I would have yet a different sense of the word involving a range of possibilities for the state of a system.

    • Liz K

      YESSSSSS! And yet all of them must work in harmony to create the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts! I’m no musician, but the ensemble cast and particle (and astro) physics speak more to my sensibilities. I love linen for our hot and sticky summers. I’m still mourning the demise of my favorite white linen shirt… Rumples and all.

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    How did it turn out you ask? Divinely. You look so crisp and cool and put together for a warm summer day. Would never ever think of putting nude and white together. What is wrong with me? And your accessories are really special. Love love love this look. Head to toe!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! I was so tickled with the look that I wore it again on Tuesday for a business luncheon! PS: Thank you for the reminder… I totally forgot that summer is coming. For bucket list purposes, that is!


    Liz, Such disappointment!! My hite skirt has Siss dots all over so hite on hite- my eyelet blouse looked too busy ith it!! All over hite does nothing for me!! It’s because I’m a Spring and I believe a 2N+1C. That must be hy I ear a colored top ith my hite skirts!! LOL!!!


    Liz, Love your ensemble!!! Yes, this is better than outfit. I do ear hite in the summer but never head to toe. I have a romantic long hite cotton skirt ith ruffles and lace along thr hem. Just recently purchased a hite eyelet blouse I could ear ith the skirt for a all hite ensemble. I ould ear cork sanales ith a little gold. My jeelry ould either be drop pearl earrings or I could pull out my old seashell pieces. My bamboo half circle bag lined ith a silk scarf ould be my handbag. By the ay, it’s 111 here today! Have a blessed day!!!

    • Liz K

      So odd, Natalie! Your comments just popped up today! With your spring coloring I can imagine all white would wash you out! Have you thought about dyeing your bright whites ivory? Even a tea dye would take some of that harsh edge off… And I think we can all use a little color! That’s why I added the colorful turquoise necklace to mine. I can’t go without color, either.

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