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Copycat Style: June 2022

Goes Costal Grandma

White Jeans + Chambray Top + Straw Hat

Hello, Dear Reader!

Yes, your Copycat Style post is late this month.

It’s been one of those dog chasing tail kind of months. Lots of action and growling, but no getting anywhere. That’s okay, summer is a time for that.

And summer is what inspired today’s Copycat Style. Before I go there, if you are new here, Welcome! It’s lovely to have you. I’m Liz, your newest style bestie. Technically I’m an Image, Wardrobe & Color Consultant. If that sounds confusing, think of me as a personal trainer for your personal style. Or an interior decorator for the exterior of you! I’m all about getting your style and wardrobe in the best shape of your life–with no measurements, no judgement and a dose of fun. That’s why this place is called Closet Play! Style is more than a hobby, it’s my business, so anything you share or pin helps me out. Working with me is even better!

If you are returning, BLESS your heart! (In the good way!). Thank you for coming back. Let me know you’re here in the comments and tell what you’d like to learn about style!

Where was I? Oh, that’s right, I’m going Coastal.

No, not postal. Coastal.

Coastal Grandma, that is.

Let’s take a look at this month’s inspo… (All found on Pinterest.)

What elements bind the three looks?

All those blues and whites! Relaxed feeling. Cropped bottoms. Big sunnies.

What elements do I prefer from each?

The white bottoms feel right. Love the sandals and hat from the middle look and the ease of the loose rolled shirt in the last look. I like the stack of bracelets she’s wearing, too (But not the red nails. They’re gorge, but I need cooooooool. If you are a white jean lover, here are a few ideas for warm weather styling. And a few more for the rest of the year!

What do I not want?

Loafers. OMGoodness! Naked breathing feet are a must! Our temps have been in the triple digits this week. A sweater (even draped around the shoulders) would be the death of me. The temps are the same reason a leather bag doesn’t feel good. And a metal chain strap? Ouch!

What do I own to work with?

I threw down an outfit recipe in the Costal Grandma post as a combo I thought I might try, so this feels like the perfect opportunity. White Jeans + Chambray Tunic + Grey Flatforms + Straw Hat + Grey Pashmina + Straw Tote. Okay, I’ll leave off the pashmina!

These are a great start! But I’ll need to try some options… And add a little attitude!

How did it turn out?

It works. And definitely has that CG vibe. Does it feel me? Not really…

SO I decided I needed to try it with a jacket… For those cool beach evenings, you know! 😉

Ahhh! This feels more me. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t wear it with the hat, too. I think I’d prefer a different top. This tunic is just too much alone with the jeans. I need less volume. (Which is why I like it with the jacket; it tames the volume!)

Some of the deets:

Roll up your sleeves (with our without jacket) and leave some buttons undone for the breezy factor. This tunic has buttons front and back, so I left both open for ease. When I originally pulled the jeans and tunic together with a pretty bracelet stack, the look felt too soft. Adding black touches at the wrist and the moto style jacket made me happier.

How About YOU?

Which of the two looks do you prefer? What are your favorite summer colors? How do you like the Costal Grandma look? Could you see yourself rocking CG? Do you already? What’s your favorite beach town? What kind of music playlist would you pair with Coastal Grandma? I tried Yacht Rock… Are you a fan? What’s her adult beverage of choice? I need help here! Do let me know your thoughts…

Stylishly yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    LOVE the 1st look head to toe, every detail. And you look fabulous in it. I shall copy. (Gorgeous Tunic.)

    • Liz K

      Glad to share some inspiration, Gail! Have fun copying and if you post it on social anywhere tag me @closetplayimage so I can see your look!

  • Lise

    Hi Liz, definitely prefer it with a jacket. I agree that the voluminous top and bottom together are a bit off and do not look like you. May I say I am not a fan of CG for myself. I like a bit more edge although I do love natural fabrics.

  • Sally in St Paul

    This aesthetic isn’t really up my alley (or coastline) at all. The beige, the straw, and the high volume pants (esp. worn with flowy shirts) are sort of my anti-style. I definitely prefer your version with the moto and the black bracelets to the standard version but overall, I’m giving this trend a miss. I have recently become more smitten with linen but I like it the most when it’s colored…the linen texture softens bright colors to a saturation level that really works for me. I can understand the appeal of the light neutral CG palette in the summer heat since it has a “cool” (temperature-wise) feeling, but summer still means color to me. Probably a legacy of growing up in the 1980s during the bright Hawaiian shirt / Jams era! My mom made me and my sister a number of two piece coordinating simple top + elastic waist shorts sets in colorful cotton fabrics as the mainstays of our summer wardrobes: cool, comfortable, cheerful, in keeping with the aesthetic of the time, and dang easy to wear. 🙂

    • Liz K

      Coastline… You’re killing me! CG really is anti-Sally! You are not alone in your summer color love. That is the standard and was, even before the 80’s Hawai’ian shirts and Jams. Looking back at patterns and magazines from the 50’s show a shift to “summer color” that really took off after recovering from WWII. The connection between color waves/trends and history and economics is fascinating!

  • Gail Joan McKelvey

    Love this coastal look…looks cool, literally & figuratively, for our TX summers. But, a question…for us warm colored gals, what would you suggest? Blue is def “not” my color. Thanks for what you do!!

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