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Copycat Style June 2020

Happy day, reader dear!

Welcome to the June installment of Copycat Style, the monthly series in which I choose a look (Or two or three!) and use those styles as a springboard to a look of my own. Trying to replicate a style exactly isn’t likely to work for you coloring, your body shape, or your wardrobe! Not to mention personality or lifestyle… Copycatting is about taking those looks, analyzing what you love about them, and making them work for you. Or in this case, me! (I do this for clients, too! If that’s what you/they are looking for.) Missed the other posts in this series? Here’s a few of them.

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I copycatted June’s look from these three:

What elements bind all three?  White Bottom, White Top, Neutral Shoes and Accessories (Yes, metallics can be neutrals!)

What elements do I prefer from each? The look in the middle is my fave! I love the wide trousers in the left and center looks, and waist detailing and heels of the center and right. I like the more polished look of the center outfit, and some of the slouch from the first. How to combine slouch and polish? Hmmmm. Always tricky. That’s part of my summer style vibe.

What do I not want? OMGoodness, the sweater on the left or the long sleeves in the middle! I’d die in either right now. I’m not keen on the distressing or frayed hems on those narrow jeans. Which, if you know me, is odd–as my frayed hem Levi’s are my favorite jeans. Hands down.

What do I own to work with?

You’ve seen the blouse and jeans myriad times! I’ve not worn them together until this spring, though. I need sleeveless for our Georgia summer weather, but grabbed the jacket for the chilly morning, and for frosty A/C that is so common everywhere. (If ever I go out again…) I switched the warm golds and brown to pewter and silver to better work with my cool, light, muted, and soft coloring. (I’m Sublime!) And here’s how it came out:

I’m pretty pleased with this look. My white jeans aren’t nearly as crisp as either of the trousers, but I wanted something a little less polished, so the cropped jeans are just right. The wider straps on my sandals also make the look less dressy. I piled on the necklaces for some interest near my face, and plenty of eyeliner and false lashes for fun. (And to show up better for a virtual meeting I had that day… Yes, I threw on a colored cardie for the meeting!) I’m already imagining another variation on this look with a little more edge!

To add some finish to the jeans and create waist definition without contrast, a blush belt cinches the waist but keeps the look long. Normally I wouldn’t wear a #neckmess and big earrings, but our lady in the middle did, so I chose these lighter filigree hoops for volume without looking heavy. Last, I straightened my hair for a more sleek look. I would certainly wear this look again. It’s great for everyday and feels just right for a casual dinner out!

So how about you? Have you copycatted any looks this past month? How did it go? Was it a straight copy, or did you personalize it to make it YOU? Could you see wearing this combination? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Meredith seiser

    I always wondered how people go from fashion Photos they see, to actually applying them to how they dress and use the wardrobe they have. Now I know. I always thought ,”well my local stores don’t carry that brand, “ or it is not in my budget. Thank you very much!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Meredith! So happy to help! Please know that’s only my method… I don’t know how others do it, but I’m an analysis person, so that’s how it works for me.

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