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Copycat Style: March 2021

Blouse + Jeans + Accessories

Whew! Happy day, reader dearest!

I almost forgot to do a Copycat Style for March! I was hanging out at home taking it really easy on Saturday after getting my second Covid vaccine and something in my head went… Ping! Hey, Monday is the Ides of March. That’s mid-month. Great! My Copycat Style post will go out. Everyone loves that post each month. OH, NO! I never wrote it!

Which is how on Sunday, while I was feeling not so swell, I spent some time on Pinterest, perusing my Copycat Style pins, and not loving what I saw there. So I resorted to the search bar. I searched Printed Blouse Outfit (because I wanted some styling inspo for my new blouse) and lo, and behold, there was inspiration. Not perfect, mind you… Because the cute young things on Pinterest aren’t a short, 58 year old woman with grey hair and light, soft and cool coloring. Nor do they have my Color Contrast or Value Contrast. That’s why it’s inspiration and not duplication!

Because I can take that inspiration, and make it MINE! Which is what these monthly Copycat Style posts are all about. Taking inspo from somewhere else, and making it work for me. Or for you, IF you share my personality and coloring! (if so, I’m sorry.) If you don’t, I talk through the thought process so that you can do the same for you! Let’s get Copycatty!

Here are March’s inspo looks…

What elements bind the three looks?

Printed blouse. (What’s the difference between a print and a pattern? Read here.) Jeans. No feet. I imagine they are all wearing flats.

What elements do I prefer from each?

Okie doke. I just need to say, I’m torn. I LOVE the look with the beret, but we’d need another cold snap. I prefer the light to medium denims. I don’t need black jeans. I don’t have the very dark hair needed to balance the black bottom; it would just look heavy. Please give me the fabulous smile of the lady on the left!

What do I not want?

Footless! I need feet, peeps. The warm colors don’t suit me, so I’ll replace them with my cools. I certainly don’t need all the cleavage in the middle. Just can’t go there. I can also skip the jewel-o-rama of the lovely lady in the middle. All those necklaces AND bracelets on both wrists is overkill. The bare look on the left is lacking, too. I need the Goldilocks’ version, somewhere in between.

What do I own to work with?

A quick rummage in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe nets me the blouse, jeans and shoes. I went for light shoes because they felt better than dark and heavy. Then it was time to play in the accessories! Let’s work on finding that Goldilocks’ jewelry balance: not too much, not too little.

How did it turn out?

I should have left off the belt…

AND: (Because I couldn’t resist…)

Come on cold snap!

Here’s the deets on both!

How About You?

Have you been looking for style inspiration this spring (or fall)? Do you have something in your closet that you’ve been struggling to style? (I help clients with that, you know.) Have you done a Pinterest search for it? Where do you look for style inspiration? Where do you find it? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours, XO



    Liz, I love the beret on you! I must say I find it really difficult to find style inspiration! I do find inspiration here mostly! Maybe I’m using the wrong search words on printerst! I tend to look at 50+ blogs because honestly I realized the young blogs were depressing! I am petty gifted when it comes tp putting an outfit together. I used to enjoy doing this much more when I was thin!

    • Liz K

      Team Beret is gaining votes! The search can be tricky… Sometimes searching by item and the word “outfit” or “look” is the best place to start. Style adjectives are extremely subjective!

  • Susan Niemuth

    Love the addition of your beret, not only for the soft pink color, but also because of its creative, poetic, and expressive vibe that complements your artsy floral blouse. I also like how your shoes and belt lighten your bottom half and move the outfit towards spring weather. Lovely!

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