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Copycat Style: March 2022

Pattern Mixing

Happy day, reader dear!

Spring has sprung! It’s time to celebrate!

A Spring Mixer?

That sounds like a salad greens dance.

How about a Copycat Style party?

Cats at a party?

How does that work?

What do I serve them? Sushi?

What if I’m allergic to cats?

No worries! No cats were harmed in the making of this post. Only Copycats will attend this party! I can’t get near a cat without wanting to scratch my eyes out so harming them is completely out of the question.

Because I haven’t mentioned this in a while, it’s time to remind you that Closet Play Image is both a business and a labor of love! I love sharing bright style and wardrobe ideas; when you come back for more, you’re finding value here. Please share with others the goodness you find on the blog! You can do that by pinning looks you like Pinterest, sharing links of articles you like on Facebook or commenting on Insta! Those little actions help me pay the bills! AND your warm introduction is the best way for me to make new friends. Thank you! You are truly the best readers!

What does this month’s inspo look like? Where did it come from? And what the heck is Copycat Style, anyway?

These three looks came from Pinterest, one of the most popular platforms for style inspiration. These Copycat Style posts are all about making the transition from inspiration to outfits. And making those work FOR you WITH what you already own! The steps are always the same…

What elements bind the three looks?

Blue. White. Colorful. Skirts. Pattern Mixes. Accented waists. (Tucked or Half-Tucked.) It looks like my summer 2021 color crush might be back for spring!

For a little primer on pattern mixing:

Yes, it’s from a few years ago…

What elements do I prefer from each?

Loving the striped tops in the first two looks! If I could buy the whole first look (Minus the shoes. More on that below.), I’d be a happy woman. The narrower skirts of the first and third work better for my 8-Shaped body. What’s an 8-Shape? Here you go! For more about finding your body shape, read this.

What do I not want?

Ankle straps. Love the look, but ankle straps cut off my already short legs. I do wear ankle strap shoes, but I’m super selective about the color and width of the strap AND the length of the bottom with which I will wear them.

What do I own to work with?

I’ve been looking for a colorful spring/summer skirt and still haven’t found one… There was one on my Spring Capsule Inspo board that I ordered from Ebay but it just didn’t work out. Sigh. It was too large in the waist and not a good candidate for alterations. That was disappointing, but looking back, I’m glad it didn’t work. The skirt was very full and I think I would have been unhappy in the long run.

So, I decided to work this look with my dress instead! You know what they say about necessity…

How did it turn out?

It works! I felt supremely “me” in the pattern mix. Boots wouldn’t have been my first choice but the weather was chilly and rainy this day so boots it was. They also lenthen the bottom half (a bit) avoiding the chopped in thirds look I would have gotten with a nude leg and shoe. Note to Self: Sheer navy tights would have made that even better. Flaw? The waist detail I liked so much in the inspo looks is missing.

I’ll give this look an 8/10. It could use some tweaking, but the colorful patterns made me so happy that it scores high. I should try another day and somehow tuck the sweater into the wrap dress tie to help with the proportions. Stay tuned and if I do, I’ll post it on Insta and add it below.

Some of the deets:

With SO much color and pattern going on, I wanted to keep the jewels and makeup super simple. That’s feeling like a trend for me this spring… In this case that meant huge hoops and no other jewels and a no-makeup look with a bright lip. Does a bright lip scare you?

How About YOU?

What color combinations do you find yourself going to for warm weather? Which of the three inspo looks do you prefer? Do you pattern mix? Or does simply the idea stress you out? How does your makeup/grooming routine change from cold weather to warm?

Stylishly yours,


  • Andrea Andresen

    If you wore a belt and tucked the top up from below the belt so the belt wasn’t visible- would that work. A very energetic look!

  • Lise

    I really like your version Liz. Of the inspo pics I prefer number 1. I also look better in a leaner skirt and not a full one. I also am feeling light make-up and jewellery.

    • Liz K

      I go through more “minimal” and more “maximal” jewelry and makeup phases. Do you, Lise? Give me the light and airy right now!


    Liz, My routine here in the desert weather really doesn’t change all that much surprisingly!! I must use a lighter night cream and only during monsoon time have I been known to use a lighter make-up base because it’s so unbearable heat and humidity wise!! This may be more than you need to know but during the summer or when heat rises actually I wear the Secret double action deodorant. Better safe than sorry I feel!! Plus, I use the Jergen’s slow tanner lotion!!

    • Liz K

      Good deodorant is a MUST in hot and/or humid climes, Natalie! That’s not TMI, that’s sharing gold! Combating the desert dryness is a never ending battle. I was so surprised at how dry it was when we visited my in-laws in AZ!

  • Gail McKelvey

    Living in TX, as far as I am concerned anyway. there is not enough change in seasons to change much of anything. I never take my summer things out of the mix and only remove heavy pull-on sweaters once it is past our “3 days off winter, okay, it has maybe been 7 these past 2 years, but that is it!” I only wonder how to lighten the look of black in the summer (a new topic for you perhaps)! Even my makeup routine doesn’t change. I guess I go to sandals more in the summer vs flats, booties or whatever, though.

    • Liz K

      Easing up the black for summer is a great idea for a post! Thank you, Gail! The trick is getting the Value Contrast right AND creating the lightness needed. The short answer would be adding tans and straw colors for someone warm compelexioned. (Who really should be avoiding black, anyhow.) And adding blush or light blues for those with cool complexions. Are there pieces in particular (dresses, tees, etc.) that you are thinking to lighten up, Gail?

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