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Copycat Style March 2020

Jeans + White Jacket + Heels

Happy day, reader dear!

Are you finding yourself with more time on your hands? It seems that there are a lot more people hanging out on-line and on social media these past few days… Go figure! So much so, that some of the other creators I know who spend a LOT of time on social media for work are getting a little frustrated. I just think of it as the equivalent of rush hour traffic. Just not on the streets, but on the virtual streets.

If this is your first visit to Closet Play Image, Welcome! I hope you spend some time and take a look around. If you are returning, THANK YOU! And you already know where this post is going! Remember, you are welcome to Pin and share on social media any goodies you find. I love to meet new people, and your introductions are good for me and for the blog… Thank you! XO (No #socialdistancing needed!)

In 2019, I so enjoyed one Copycat Style Challenge that I decided to make a monthly Copycat Style Challenge one of my 2020 Style Resolutions. To get started, I made a Copycat Style Pinterest board, and have been adding looks I want to try. Or it might be better to say that they interest me. Sometimes I don’t know quite why I pin a Pin until the patterns begin to emerge. That’ s what happened with both January’s, and February’s Copycat Styles!

Here are the looks on which March’s Copycat is based:

Now it’s time to separate the elements!

What elements bind all three?  Jeans/Denim, a Jacket, Heels. A casual but polished look.

What elements do I prefer from each? Chanel-Style White Jacket, Frayed Jeans (I love the rolled loose jeans, but don’t own any. They are on my consignment list, though!) , Statement Necklace, Heels, Chain Belt (I love the chain belt, but don’t own one, so that’s on my pre-loved shopping radar!)

What do I not want? I don’t want a stark color contrast between top and bottom; I want a longer Column of Color under my jacket. I generally don’t wear black or dark colors near my face unless there’s a light topper over.

What do I own to work with?

The jacket and jeans were a no brainer. The top was a little trickier. In order to create that Column of Color, I could have chosen a denim blouse, but it would have been too bulky to tuck in, so I went for this teal short sleeved sweater. The Value is close to my jeans and creates a column of sorts.

The shoes were a tough call. I could have worn either:

The sling backs would have looked more polished and in sync with the looks I was trying to Copycat, but the weather was warm and lovely, so sandals won the day! The purse choice was also a toss up. I have a denim chain bag, but preferred to choose one that was similar in color to my shoes to amp up that ladylike vibe. To accessorize, I dug out a thick chain necklace from my out of season jewelry storage and topped it with a pearl strand; I think I’ll keep the chain out. HUGE chunky chains are big for Spring/Summer 2020.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this look turned out! I’d like a chain belt, a looser jean, and a grey tee to wear instead, but even if those pieces never make it into my wardrobe, this outfit is one I will repeat. And tweak as needed. Success!

So how about you? Have you been Copycatting along with me? Do you have a Copycat Style Pinterest Board? Are you struggling to see the trends or elements that bind your look? If you don’t have a board, get started; you probably have a little time on your hands! And if you’d like to share it with me, DO! I’d love to see what you’re Pinning! Please let me know how you are doing… Stay healthy and safe! XO

Here’s the look draped over the shoulders!
Chic, but widening… Not my fave!

Stylishly yours,


  • Andrea

    Love your take on this ~ looks like it could go anywhere and I’m going to give it a whirl(albeit with near flats as one of my ankles doesn’t like heels any more :() keep smiling and take care!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    When you mention a consignment list…is that a list for online consignment shops or local shops? We just don’t have any really terrific shops. I can’t imagine going into our stores and expecting to be able to find something particular.

    You took these looks and made them your own. I think the sandals definitely kick this look into spring. I should wear my plaid jacket more often. It is so colorful it would go with anything. Thank you for the great inspiration.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for asking about the list, Leslie! It is a bit unclear, isn’t it? I mean my shopping list for when I am looking at our consignment shops or on Ebay/Poshmark, etc. Using the jeans as an example, I may not see the loose fit that I want, but is there a pair I could have altered that will make the grade? I might not see any chain belts in town, but I bet I could find one on Ebay next time I’m hunting… I’m learning to better take advantage of the filters they use!

  • JoAnn

    I’m new to your blog. What a great post! So helpful to see you actually “wear” the “copy” outfit versus having the outfit lying flat. I am learning!

    • closetplayadmin

      Welcome, JoAnn! So happy to you found me! I love a good flat lay as much as the next person, but if the point is to show how it works on a non-model body, then you need the real thing. Glad to be of help! Hope to see you again soon!

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