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Copycat Style May 2020

Black Top + Jeans + Red Shoes

Happy mid-month, reader dear!

What does mid-month mean to you? To me, it means it’s time for 2020’s fifth installment of Copycat Style! If you are new to Closet Play Image, WELCOME! (You’ll find I’m an enthusiastic abuser of punctuation!) Every few months I (re)introduce myself; I’m Liz, an Image, Wardrobe, and Color Consultant. I blog thrice (Because that’s not a word I get to use often. Penultimate, either, but I try.) weekly about style, fashion, wardrobing, and other topics loosely related to the same. I’m a nerd about style, culture, language, budgeting, science, and food. I have what Rudyard Kipling called, in The Elephant’s Child, insatiable curtiosity. If you are returning, Welcome Back! I’m so glad you are brave enough to hang out with me!

Back to the plan… (Digressions are commonplace here at Closet Play.) Today is Copycat Style Day, where I take a look (or looks) I find out in weblandia (Often on Pinterest), and rework them. My rework may not be your jam, but as I talk you through my thought process, hopefully you can apply that to the next look you fall for. If you do find images and information you like on the blog, please feel free to Pin them to your own boards or share with friends on social media. I’m not getting out much these days, and your introduction is a great way for me (And the blog) to make new friends! Thanks.

May’s copycat inspo was these looks:

I say inspiration because my goal isn’t to slavishly copy any one look. The idea is to find the common elements, and recombine them in a way that works for me.

What elements bind all three?  Faded Jeans, Black Top, Pointy Red Shoes

What elements do I prefer from each? The frayed jean in the middle is totally my jam! I love bang-girl’s bright red lip. And those bangs! I would love to try a look with bangs, but know better than to cut my own… I’ve seen enough Covid home haircuts on social media. (I cut my own bangs long ago, and it was bad. The week before my First Communion bad.) Last pic? I like how the nude bag isn’t matchy, but not distracting, either. But a bag… Who’s going anywhere?

What do I not want? The rolled cuffs are darling, but not good for my short-legged self. Weather-wise, I certainly don’t need anything like a turtleneck or overcoat. To be perfectly honest, I don’t need a tucked top. And I’m not sure if I’m feeling the love for heels today. (GASP! And sputter…)

What do I own to work with?

The jeans I’ve had forever. They are my absolute faves and are starting to wear thin in the thighs. Sadness. The shoes were a pre-loved find, and the black top is a few years old. I love that it is cottony and air-conditioned, but still covers my arms for when I don’t want short sleeves. The lightness of the sleeves also breaks up the black and makes it less heavy looking on my less-than-youthful complexion!

Here’s how my look turned out!

I’m pretty happy with how this look! Super simple, a little dark, but good.

The young lady in the turtleneck was wearing big pearl earrings; I had similar clip-ons in the 80’s, but today I need earrings that don’t interfere with my headphones, so pearl drop hoops were my pick. And that bright red lip to balance the red shoes. I could have gone for more eye makeup as well, but for me the red lip is enough. Well, and brows. Always brows.

Sooo… My rating? Good! I felt good in it all day, even if black during the day isn’t really what I do anymore. That’s an amusing change from 10 years ago, when pretty much all I wore was black. I’m over it. And that’s good thing! How about you? Have you been trying to copycat any looks I’ve shared? Do you have pieces to copycat this one, but in YOUR own way? Do you find this breakdown helpful? Please let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!

PS: I kept trying the turtleneck and booties look when the weather was cool, but just couldn’t make it work… Maybe next winter!

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