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Copycat Style: May 2023

Olive Trouser + Blue Top

(And a spot of leopard… See what I did there?!)

Happy day, Dear Reader!

It’s Copycat Style time! I feel like there needs to be a special little Copycat Style dance to go along with it.

Because I haven’t mentioned this in a few weeks, it’s time to remind you that Closet Play Image is both a business and a labor of love! I love sharing bright style and wardrobe ideas; when you come back for more, you’re finding value here. Please share with others the goodness you find on the blog! You can do that by pinning looks you like Pinterest, sharing links of articles you like on Facebook or commenting on Insta! Those little actions help me pay the bills! AND your warm introduction is the best way for me to make new friends. Thank you! You are truly the best readers!

What does this month’s inspo look like? Where did it come from? And what the heck is Copycat Style, anyway?

As usual, these three looks came from Pinterest, one of the most popular platforms for style inspiration. These Copycat Style posts are all about making the transition from inspiration to outfits. And making those work FOR you WITH what you already own! The steps are always the same…

What elements bind these looks?

Green Trousers, Blue Top, Relaxed Vibe

What elements do I prefer from each?

I like the narrow trouser in the first and the cropped look in the first and last. I like the waist detail in the second and third. That isn’t going to work with my green trousers, however. Sigh. I LOVE the leopard shoes in the third image. (You can just barely see them.) The dog is darling, too, but that’s a little far to go for style! Give me the straw tote for a relaxed vibe. I’m all about a straw tote with a little scarf action. Let’s see where these ingredients take us! I LOVE the double cuff action of the outfit on the right! (This stylista shows up regularly wearing cuffs on my Pinterest feed. I covet her style!)

What do I not want?

Sneakers. #sorrynotsorry Loafers. #thesame Sneakers are too chunky and loafers are great, just not my style. And that’s what Copycat Style is all about. Taking inpo and making it yours! (Or in this case, mine.) Although I LOVE the clutch and blazer in the first look, they are too structured for the feel I am looking to channel. Hmmmm… I can see trying that another day! (YAY, two inspos from one post!)

What do I own to work with?

Here’s the foundation:

The Deets

How did it turn out?

I LIKE it! (And I REALLY like how well it would transition into a fall look by swapping the sandals for pumps and changing out the bag. That makes 3 possible outfits out of this one Copycat Style!))

Since warm undertones tones aren’t good for my coloring, this outfit gave me the opportunity to get a little leopard on! The three neutral tones tie together with the Power of Three. One of my clients calls it a three-peat. Her moniker is far catchier!

PS: My leopard bandana is an inexpensive bandana from Hobby Lobby. The one above I keep for demonstrations and working with clients.

PPS: I forgot a huge pair of glasses to get that star quality… Alas!

It’s tricky to draw attention to the waist when wearing a bottom that fits like leggings. Tucking would just end up lumpy, so I tried a little one sided semi-tuck. This maneuver is not for the woman with a highly classic personality style… Unbuttoned and untucked doesn’t work for her! Leave one or more buttons undone at the bottom and lightly tuck the underside of your shirt. This works best with very soft, drapey tops–not so well with stiff shirts.

I went for the cuff on each wrist and was rather surprised at how I liked it! Usually, I don’t like anything on my right wrist; it’s my writing hand and it doesn’t like being bothered by “stuff.” I’ll have to try it again to see!

So How About You?

Do you use Pinterest? For home? Style? Food? Party ideas? It can be easy to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole! Olive is a rather divisive color; do you like olive? (It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you don’t! That’s what’s so lovely about color. There are SO many to like. Or not.) What side (or sides) do you wear bracelets? Are you right or left handed? Is there a connection? There’s plenty of space in the comments… Let me know what’s on your mind!

Stylishly yours,


  • Gill Hormann

    Hi Liz, thanks for another great Copycat Style post, I really enjoy them, especially your explanation of how you break it down. Once upon a time I would have happily worn olive, but since deciding to embrace my grey hair it’s no longer a good colour on me! However, I do own a rather yummy forest green mesh skirt, which I adore, so could perhaps work something with that – hmm, food for thought, which is exactly what I love about Copycat Style! Also love a half-tuck, very flattering for a lot of body types. Wishing you a very pleasant week to come.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for commenting, Gill! Olive isn’t good for me, either, but it’s one of my favorite colors so I’ll keep trying to finesse it where I can! Sounds like your forest green would be a fun swap!

  • Andrea Andresen

    It’s copycat time -happy dance going on in this part of the world. Love this look and that my “three-peat” phrase is still around. I can see myself doing this one too. Might post to insta! Not sure how I feel about the half tuck, but think in theory it’s a great compromise for an H shape!

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