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Copycat Style: October 2021

Happy mid-October, reader dear!

You know what that means, don’t you? It’s Copycat Style time!

Copycat style is a little series that began in January of 2020 and took on a life of its own. I felt like my style was getting a little stale and some inspiration to try something new was in order. (Yes, it was part of a New Year’s resolution.)

I thought, Why not try some different looks from Pinterest (and elsewhere) and share how to take those ideas and make them work for my body shape, coloring, lifestyle and wardrobe. So that’s what happened!

There’s no outfit buying and returning going on. I’m not duplicating an outfit or a look. I’m taking looks and copying them from my own wardrobe, with my own hand (or my own take)–hence Copycat Style.

Periodically, I remind you that if you find anything inspirational or just plain practical here on Closet Play Image, or something that you think a friend would like, please share it on social media or save it to your Pinterest boards! It’s good for me and for the blog. Thank you!

Now that fall is really upon us (Here in the Northern Hemisphere., I’m super excited about adding an outer layer! That’s why this month’s looks feature a coat…

This month’s inspo?

What elements bind these looks?

Color, or the lack thereof. White, tan, and touches of black. A column of white. Open coat.

What elements do I prefer from each?

The open coat gives each of these a relaxed look. Buttoned up and belted would have a very different vibe! I LOVE the black details in Michelle Williams’ outfit, especially the touches of black at the neck, and bag. And those boots! But… If anyone is giving away a pair of the gorgeous Chanel slingbacks from the middle picture in a 6.5 M or 7N, I’d be more than happy to take them off your hands! I’ll take the loose hair with some movement. That will be a challenge. 😉

What do I not want?

The cigarette. That’s been gone from my life for a very long time! What else? Tan makes me look like something the cat sicked up (Not a pretty image, but oh, so accurate.), so I need a cool-undertoned topper. Although I love the white boots, I think I’ll go with something darker to tie in with the touches of black. I’m all about the harmony!

What do I own to work with?

The white tee is bog standard. I don’t actually have one in my fall capsule wardrobe, but there is always ready to hand. White jeans are a year ’round wardrobe staple for me. I might choose wide or narrow for a particular season. Because my coloring is light, I always make sure to have a light neutral column of color hanging in my closet.

The coat? That’s another story… Got a minute? I don’t own the Classic Trench that all the lists say is a Must-Have. I get that you-aren’t-the-boss-of-me attidude every time I read one. (Just a little Rebellious in there!) I have PLENTY of non-emotional reasons, as well: Tan trench is NOT good for my coloring. Double breasted just makes me look wide. As a petite, many trenches are just too darned long!

How did it turn out?

I started with the coat unbuttoned, for the relaxed vibe, but with its softer and less structured look, it looked floppy and sloppy. So a little buttoned it will be!

This outfit surprised me. I’m good with this. Even if it lacks color, the combination of three neutrals, patterns and textures still give it interest. And it confirmed that I need to have the sleeves of this coat shortened. (I’m also pondering sewing the side vents closed so that I can wear it as a dress…)

I think another round of this deserves my pink raincoat. Or my white booties… We’ll see!

Some of the Deets

For this look, I chose to use the Power of Three (OR Four if you include the boots!) to tie the outfit together. If you are wondering about the sunglasses you can read about why I’m wearing them, here! As for the chain bag and snake patterned booties, tying them together with the scarf softens their edge and creates a more ladylike vibe.

So How About You?

Do you like all neutral outfits? Is all neutrals your default? What color outerwear do you prefer? Would you like this better with the pink raincoat? Is this an outfit you could Copycat from your wardrobe? How do YOU feel about those Must-Have lists? Do tell… I love to hear from you, and saved some space on the interwebs just for you! XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Irene

    Hi Liz- it’s a good outfit.
    I really like these posts as your thought process is most helpful, encouraging me to be more adventurous. i can not tell you how many times I see an outfit I like, but mistakenly think that I can not put together something similar . And adjusting it to my particular body.
    many thanks

  • Kathleen McDermott

    Your outfit is lovely and more stylish than the 3 you used for inspiration. I’ve pinned it to 2 of my Pinterest boards. Classic camel trenches are also dreadful on my soft summer coloring so I stick to navy, grey or taupe. I love white jeans and the column of color idea. The style of your coat is so pretty and feminine – Much more flattering and elegant than a trench. I love these copycat posts!


    I like color and I think you do, too. And prints. But this is a pretty classy looking outfit built around solids and some snazzy accessories. I bought a trench raincoat last year and a winter coat and then hardly left the house!! So they are like brand new. I really like the way they both look and think they will serve me well for years but I also like your very attractive alternative to the classic trench. I like the way it allows the white collar of the tee to show and frame your face.

  • Gail McKelvey

    Great looking outfit! Now to convince myself I CAN wear white pants after Labor Day! Even in TX I struggle to do this,

    • Liz K

      The struggle is real. Big deep breaths, Gail… The fashion police will not come get you for wearing white jeans after Labor Day! I promise!


    Liz, I love this outfit on you!! I only think you should be wearing your black long-beaded necklace!! I like this better than with your pink raincoat!! Love your new handbag and shoes!! My style for sure!! My go to neutral is navy!! I have white nice tee’s and a white denim skirt( I haven’t even worn yet!!!) but all white just washes me out and just looks plain wrong on me!! I do own a trench coat but mine is poppy red!! I love how you do copycat outfits!! Great inspiration!! Have a blessed weekend!! P.S. Just had my birthday so i bought three pairs of shoes from SAS. I bought those red sandles!! If it wasn’t for you encouraging us to wear a colored shoe I don’t believe I would have!! Thanks for all the encouragement!!

    • Liz K

      I can see why you love this one, Natalie! Neutrals are your go-to! A poppy red trench sounds like fun. My old raincoat (Worn OUT.) was a short red trench that brightened every rainy day. Happy birthday and enjoy those shoes!

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