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Copycat Style: October 2023

Green Trousers + Blue Shirt + Animal Print

Happy Day, Reader Dearest!


September and October have been a wild ride.

I’ve had a lot of circus and monkey logistics to juggle and have been dressing most days from my Fall Style Pick List to create Outfit Recipes.

I haven’t been giving a lot of thought to getting creative with my style.

I can’t even look back at what I was wearing last year at this time because I had dropped off the face of the internet!

Fortunately, there’s a Copycat Style reminder in my calendar to give me a boost. So it’s time to go spend a little time frolicking in Pinterest…

I wanted some inspiration to go with my fall style vibe of Bold Easy Polish, so I entered Bold Easy Polish Outfit into the search and got…

Maximal Looks, Fun Pattern Mixes and Comfortable Shoes. Super fun, but not feeling me.

Let’s try again.

So I hunted for Green Pant Blue Shirt Outfits, because I have green pants I need to work on styling and I always have at least one clean blue shirt!

Much better.

The Inspo

What elements bind these looks?

Green Trousers, Blue Top, Waist Detailing, a Bold Accessory. Polished without looking uptight. I call that Relaxed Polish!

What do I prefer from each?

The cool undertones and lighter top of the outfit on the right work best for my coloring. I LOVE the brown/animal print accessories AND the pup. I think I like the bold bracelets of the first and third look best.

What don’t I want?

I’ll skip the warm undertones of the left and middle trousers. And the cleavage of the center. I’m no prude; it’s just not practical for my day to day. I’m also not feeling the statement earrings of the center look; if I want to play with gold, I don’t need a lot of it near my face.

What do I own to work with?

Green Trousers, check. These were one of my F/W French 5 purchases. As for the top, I’m torn. I could go for my pale blue silk shirt, sans polka dotty collar or my denim shirt. Which would you choose?

How did it turn out?

I opted for the denim shirt, belted to create waist detailing. These trousers have a super high waist (Like up to my ribs high.) and I simply did not feel comfortable tucking in the silk shirt. And I opted for the big earrings instead of the cuff bracelet.

Some of the deets!

I slipped into the animal print shoes and grabbed a neutral bag. To create a waist with that denim shirt, I simply wrapped a snake print belt (because why not a little more animal?) around my middle and looped the tail through to prevent it flapping. I’m a huge fan of taking a belt off center to create a little more interesting look. (And it avoids bulk at the side of the waist!)


Just as an exercise, I tried the silk blouse tucked in and added a statement watch.

Pleasant surprise! The super soft silk drapes beautifully around the waistband of the trousers. This look wouldn’t work with a cotton shirt, but this drapey silk is a winner. I now have at least three other outfits to make with these trousers and my silk shirts. YAY!

How About You?

Which outfit do you like best? What kind of looks are you copycatting this season? Any color themes? Are you more a silk shirt or denim top kind of gal? Is the old Blue and Green should never be seen color rule stuck somewhere in the back of your mind? You can let that go; Mother Nature combines blue and green daily and it’s gorgeous! Let me know what you are thinking… There’s plenty of room on the internet for you, too! XO

Stylishly yours,


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