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Copycat Style September 2020

Pleated Skirt + Tee + Denim (Jacket)

Happy day, reader dear!

We’re getting there. In another week it will officially be fall! Not that a date on the calendar matters, but somehow it will feel like another milestone passed in this otherwise kooky year.

If you are new to ClosetPlay.Biz, Welcome! Copycat Style is a monthly feature in which I take a look (or looks) that inspire me and copycat them in a way that works for my shape, my personality, my coloring, and MY wardrobe! That could mean very little of the original is left, but that’s how inspiration works… It’s a springboard, not a cut and paste! (If you are interested in earlier installments, here you go!) If you are returning, Welcome Back! It’s lovely to see you again! (I’m a hugger, so consider yourself hugged.)

Every few weeks, I take a moment to remind you to please Pin or share on social media any post or images you find helpful or appealing! Many thanks. I don’t get out much nowadays (Who does?!), so your Pins and shares are good for the blog and for me! Your introduction is the best way for me to meet new people… You’re the best-est!

From where did September’s Copycat Inspo come? Pinterest, of course!

What elements bind all three?  Pleated Skirt. Blue. Heels? That’s about it!

What elements do I prefer from each? AND What do I not want? I love the green skirts. They speak to the vibe I want for my Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe. I don’t generally wear black, it feels especially harsh right now. The denim jacket and shirt make me happy. Denim says grounded and practical. I’ll take that. I prefer the pumps on the left, nice and pointy. I need all the length I can get; the booties and Mary Janes aren’t going to give me that! My skirt has belt loops, so I need a belt; its self-belt feels too polished for the look I want, so I’d add a belt like in the last look.

What do I own to work with?

Denim Jacket? Check! White Tee? Check! Green Pleated Skirt? Sort of. This snap is of the skirt I used in my not so swell July Copycat. It’s too big in the waist and has gone off to Goodwill. But I have replaced it with another green pleated skirt I found on Ebay. I don’t have a picture of it solo just yet…

The brooches aren’t part of this look. (I really need to get another picture of the jacket, too! Sounds like it’s photo shoot time.) I pulled these three pieces together with my kitten heeled (Read: more practical) grey leopard pumps, some simple hoops, and a sentimental necklace from Mr. CP.

How did my look turn out?

Not bad? Better than that! I feel like I could wear this day after day and not tire of it! The skirt swishes and swirls, feeling very ladylike. (Even if it’s too long and still a bit heavy for the temperatures!) The tee and jean jacket keep it from being too precious for work-from-home.

This feels like the perfect combination of Grounded (nature colors, denim, hammered hoops, and Mr. CP’s necklace) and Composed (a few simple pieces, subtle detail, sharp structured pleating)! I can’t wait to try this skirt with my denim shirt when the weather cools off some more. And with a blue short sleeved blouse for a more polished look! (I might need more polished at some point, right? Please say it’s so!) Ooooh! Just wait until boot weather comes. My navy boots would be SO cute with this! Come on cool weather… Mama’s waiting for you!

So how about you? Do you copycat style inspirations you find? Have they turned out the way you hoped? Do you keep a style inspiration board? What kind of looks are you pinning this season? Are you looking forward to some fresh style ideas? Do let me know in the comments below… There’s plenty of room, and I SO love to hear from you! XO

Stylishly yours,



    Just love this style on you! This is how I dress without the jean jacket. I wear a lady like jacket but now I want to try this with a blue jaen jacket. Thank you for the great idea!

  • Bettye L Rainwater

    Love this! I’ve done a couple rounds of “copy cat” outfits on my blog as well, they’re fun

    I LOVE your pleated green skirt! This is exactly the green I’m low-key obsessed with right now. For years I was only an olive/sagey army green gal…but this little-bit-brighter forest (? green seems a little more fresh right now. And I love love it with navy, so denim jacket – perfect!

    I may have to copy your copycat look!!!


    • Liz K

      Thanks for visiting, Bettye! I am crushing on this green this season… It’s a bit darker than Pantone’s Ultramarine Green and feels both grounded and fresh at the same time! (And can’t 2020 use some fresh?) Feel free to copycat away! I think I’m copycatting your leopard, chambray and olive jacket look for next month, but I may not be able to wait. I might just need to wear it next week!

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